January 16, 2013

Richard Fazio on Stone in Water, Waiting

Guest post by Richard Fazio ...

My story depicts an air of expectancy off the coast of San Francisco where a majority of the populace has been willed to witness an extraordinary event. In its wake, society undergoes the biggest paradigm shift in history and a door to the collective unconscious is unlocked.

Back in the late 1960's/early 1970's there was a cultural renaissance of a sort, which expressed Gaia consciousness through various artistic media, and perhaps with good reason; it was also around that period that disregard of our planet had increased exponentially. Not until somewhat recently has the human race begun to pay attention those decades-old warnings, and so it prompted me to write about the return of the ancient gods. Stone in Water, Waiting combines the old adage about history repeating itself with the plight of the Earth Mother. Have we actually progressed very far? Are we any better than the ancient civilizations that somehow doomed themselves? There is only so much our habitat can withstand before we've fully condemned the ecosystem that sustains us. Chemtrails, fracking, acid rain, geo-engineering: where does it all end? I wanted my story to take on these issues and, hopefully, resonate with the environmentalist in each of us.

Richard Fazio

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