January 9, 2013

Miners by Wayne Mansfield

Miners by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

Australia’s Outback is a tough place to work. The heat, the red dirt that gets into everything, the flies, and above all, the isolation. Mining is big business in Western Australia, but it’s hard work. No doubt about it. Twelve hours on and twelve hours off. Just enough time to eat, shower and sleep. Or, if you’re lucky enough, you might find another way to pass the time.

Duke is all man. He’s made of just the right kind of stuff to handle the demanding life of a miner. But even real men need some loving -- a warm body to feel next to theirs during the cold desert nights. One day, he opens the door to his small, portable cabin and meets his new roommate, Josh.

A handsome man, Josh has worked his fair share of mine sites. As Duke begins to peel his dirty, sweat-soaked clothes off, Josh becomes aroused. He tries his best to hide it, but as he is removing his clothing as well, Duke soon notices.

Both men know life in an Outback mining camp can be hard, demanding, and downright tough. But it doesn’t have to be ...

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