February 26, 2012

The Winter Garden by Hayden Thorne

TITLE: The Winter Garden
AUTHOR: Hayden Thorne

GENRE: Gay Fiction • Historical • Paranormal • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 5,028 words
PRICE: $2.99

Fifteen-year-old Nicholas’ fragile health forces him into a life of isolation and loneliness, his connection to the outside world nothing more than a glimpse between the bars of an iron gate in his family’s spacious and paradise-like garden. His life changes when a bold young stranger not only befriends him but also dares to trespass into Nicholas’ quiet world.

The two boys’ friendship deepens as Adrian’s visits increase, their connection strengthening in defiance of too-real dangers posed by the coming winter on Nicholas’ health. It’s a bond that withstands the sting of separation, bringing both boys back to each other again and again, weathering time and ensuring that the impossible is, in the end, very much attainable.

One More Try by J.M. Snyder

TITLE: One More Try
AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder

GENRE: Contemporary • Gay Fiction • Romance
LENGTH: 13,761 words
PRICE: $2.99

Six years ago, Evan Alexander played first base for Richmond's minor league baseball team, the Rebels. His best friend on the team was pitcher Charlie Madison, a sexy man Evan couldn't help falling in love with. When he finally admitted his feelings, Charlie seemed to feel the same.

But the season ended and Charlie left, breaking Evan's heart. Now the divorced father of a little girl, Evan has just started putting his life back together again.

Then Charlie shows up, looking for a second chance.

Can Evan give their relationship one more try? Or will his broken heart keep him from letting Charlie back into his life?

February 19, 2012

Visiting Downunder by Eva Hore

TITLE: Visiting Downunder
AUTHOR: Eva Hore

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotica • Lesbian Fiction
LENGTH: 3,325 words
PRICE: $1.99

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/5i

On a trip home to Australia, Sandy slips away from family and friends to enjoy a little quiet time on the shore. There she runs into Alana, an old flame from high school, who's still as beautiful as Sandy remembers.

Alana's recent breakup has left her vulnerable, but sure of what she wants. Seeing Sandy again after all this time awakens feelings in her she thought she'd buried.

On the wild sands of an Australian beach, the two women find what they've both been searching for all this time.

My Online Secret Admirer by J. Tomas

TITLE: My Online Secret Admirer
AUTHOR: J. Tomas

GENRE: Contemporary • Gay Fiction • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 6,760 words
PRICE: $2.99

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/5f

While bored in his Computers class one day, junior Mike Halston stumbles upon another student's anonymous blog and is surprised to find himself listed as the sexiest guy in their class. So what, someone has a crush on him? Who could it be?

Enlisting the help of his best friend Talley and his best girl friend Marie, Mike tries to figure out the identity of the mysterious blogger. Unfortunately he suspects it may be a female student, since only his friends know he's gay.

Then a second blog entry makes him realize the blogger is someone close to him. Could it really be Marie? Or does Talley know more than he's letting on?

February 14, 2012

The Dollhouse by Hayden Thorne

TITLE: The Dollhouse
AUTHOR: Hayden Thorne

GENRE: Fantasy • Gay Fiction • Young Adult
LENGTH: 5,016 words
PRICE: $2.99

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/5e

A strange force is at work in a magnificent house filled with revelers. When midnight strikes to mark Christmas Day, guests find themselves in the wrong company. An old couple who despise each other sit together in a private, romantic corner. A frail young girl is surrounded by chaperones she dislikes. Servants are busy in the kitchen or serving their masters, though their minds are elsewhere. A young man proposes to a lady, in all appearances his perfect match, but his heart lies in a neglected musician who copes with his inexplicable isolation in the conservatory.

No one knows why this happens every time Christmas rolls around, and no amount of defiance on the guests’ part ensures the preservation of their true partnering when midnight strikes again.

But the answer to the riddle is simpler than they think.

Going Home by J.T. Marie

TITLE: Going Home
AUTHOR: J.T. Marie

GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction
LENGTH: 2,861 words
PRICE: $1.99

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/5d

Growing up in Logan, Missouri, I had big dreams. I wanted to leave the small town behind for the bright lights of the big city, and come graduation, I did just that. Went to college, started a band, recorded a demo, traveled the world. Made my dreams come true.

But I often though about my best friend Lena back in Logan. I wrote letters home but was never in any place long enough to get a reply. Fifteen years later, I decided to head back and check up on things. Check up on Lena.

Funny thing is, I thought I knew what I was walking into. But you never know what to expect when you return home.

David and Andrew Book 2: With These Rings by Terry O'Reilly

TITLE: David and Andrew Book 2: With These Rings
AUTHOR: Terry O'Reilly

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotica • Gay Fiction
LENGTH: 43,862 words
PRICE: $4.99

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

When David Bennett and Andy Barnes meet, they fall in love and create a family, which is completed with the adoption of Brad Sturgis, orphaned after the death of his parents.

David, Andy, and Brad embrace the joys and challenges of being a gay family. From horse shows, family celebrations, a wedding on the beach to bedside vigils, football games to identity crises, David and Andy face life together with steadfast love punctuated with passionate physical expression.

February 8, 2012

Want to be Spanked? by Eva Hore

TITLE: Want to be Spanked?
AUTHOR: Eva Hore

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotica • Lesbian Fiction
LENGTH: 2,859 words
PRICE: $1.99

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/5a

I couldn't wait to tell my friend Julie all about the sexual spanking I'd been invited to witness. As I went into sordid detail about what I'd witnessed, I could see Julie was getting just as aroused as I was myself.

Then she wondered out loud how I thought it might feel to get spanked for pleasure. I thought she'd never ask.

Valentine Cowboy by Drew Hunt

TITLE: Valentine Cowboy
AUTHOR: Drew Hunt

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotica • Gay Fiction • Western/Cowboy
LENGTH: 7,011 words
PRICE: $2.99


Sequel to Calvin's Cowboy

It's been seven months since Calvin Hamilton came crashing into John “Brock” Brockwell’s life. Calvin’s belief in him has allowed Brock to reclaim his dignity with a new life, a new job, and a new relationship.

It's Valentine's Day and Brock is determined to do something special for his lover, so he buys red roses and a card. However, on getting home, he soon discovers Calvin has also made plans, ones that involve blindfolds, rope, and sex toys.

Join Calvin and Brock as they rock the rafters with a compelling mixture of raunch and romance.

Knocking Boots by J.M. Snyder

TITLE: Knocking Boots
AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder

GENRE: Erotica • Gay Fiction • Historical • Interracial • Western/Cowboy
LENGTH: 7,977 words
PRICE: $2.99

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/58

Johnny thinks he's the only guy on the ranch interested in sharing a fellow cowboy's bedroll ... until he witnesses an illicit tryst between his foreman Hal and another ranch hand named Delfino. After watching Delfino pleasure Hal, Johnny can't get the Mexican vaquero out of his wet dreams. He wants Delfino to do the same things to him, and he'll do whatever it takes to hook up with the cowboy.

To his surprise, Delfino doesn't mind showing Johnny a good time in the barn ... for a price. Once the two men are alone, Johnny learns first-hand just how well a hot stud like Delfino can please a man.

Guardian Spirits by Helen Ayim

TITLE: Guardian Spirits
AUTHOR: Helen Ayim

GENRE: Contemporary • Fantasy • Fiction • Paranormal • Young Adult
LENGTH: 2,461 words
PRICE: $1.99

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/57

Robbie’s job at the library gets a little bit more interesting when a dangerous-looking stranger comes in and asks for a book the library doesn’t stock. Undaunted, the stranger settles down to wait.

The stranger returns the next night, and the night after. Finally one evening an elderly patron returns the book.

Before the stranger can claim the book, a rival appears. She, too, wants it, and she isn't about to let it go without a fight.

Who are these people? And what's so special about this book that they'll fight to the death to own it?

February 2, 2012

Walking in Two Worlds by Terry O'Reilly

TITLE: Walking in Two Worlds
AUTHOR: Terry O'Reilly

GENRE: Erotica • Gay Fiction • Historical • Interracial • Western/Cowboy
LENGTH: 42,805 words
PRICE: $4.99

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

Lee Masters, a handsome young cowboy, is fired from his cattle drive when his sexual orientation is discovered. Frustrated and angry, he rides to a mountain lake where he meets a Dakota native named Tatanka, who is also exiled from his tribe for refusing to adhere to tribal custom for braves who prefer men to women. They strike up a friendship, which readily turns to love. Their family is completed when a young Indian, Sleeps With Dogs, insists they take him with them on their search for a home.

Their quest to find acceptance in either the white man's world or the native population is a difficult journey. Can two men who love each other find a place in the harsh reality of the western wilderness, or will they always be walking in two worlds?

Out of the Depths by Hayden Thorne

TITLE: Out of the Depths
AUTHOR: Hayden Thorne

GENRE: Fantasy • Gay Fiction • Historical • Paranormal • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 5,127 words
PRICE: $2.99

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/55

It has been a year since Konstancji’s lover passed away, but rather than move on with his life, Konstancji hires one young man after another to sit for him as he obsessively works on a statue. What’s apparent is the fact that each sitter dies and is replaced with a new one, his grieving family compensated generously.

What no one’s aware of, though, is the purpose of the statue, which is the means through which Konstancji hopes to bring his beloved back from the dead.

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/55

Fillin' Chet by J.M. Snyder

TITLE: Fillin' Chet
AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotica • Gay Fiction
LENGTH: 8,644 words
PRICE: $2.99

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/54

Chet Swearingen had a privileged childhood, but now that he's on his own in college, he's trying to break away from what's expected of him and live a little. He doesn't dare rebel against his parents too much -- they still pay his rent, and the Lexxus he drives is in their name. But their plans for his life after school don't mesh with what he wants to do, so he stays in college hoping to avoid a job like his father's.

Scott Harris was the kind of guy Chet had always wanted and never thought he’d actually have. He's rough around the edges, heavily inked, and works as a tattoo artist in one of the most heavily tattooed cities in the U.S. What Chet doesn't quite understand is the appeal he might offer to a guy like Scott.

Other than the obvious -- frequent booty calls for sex.

When Scott texts Chet and asks him to stop by the tattoo parlor after hours, Chet assumes it's just to hook up. But Scott's just as interested in filling in the tattoo on Chet's back as he is in filling Chet.

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/54