September 30, 2012

Milton's Ultimate Hero by Drew Hunt

TITLE: Milton's Ultimate Hero
AUTHOR: Drew Hunt

GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 18,463 words
PRICE: $3.99


Sequel to Milton’s Hero.

Things are looking up for comic book geek Milton Katz. He has a couple of good friends in JJ and Maggie. They’ve introduced him to Steve, a guy Milton hopes might turn out to be more than a friend.

Milton is thrilled when Steve invites him to go to Comic-Con. But the next morning at school Steve just walks on by when a couple of jocks try to stuff Milton into his locker.

Steve Morrison doesn’t know how to balance being gay and a baseball jock. His indecision may have just cost him Milton’s friendship. Steve knows Milton has a thing for comic book superheroes, so after being urged by Maggie to apologize, he rents a Superman costume and goes to visit Milton to beg for a second chance.

Can Milton trust Steve not to hurt him again? Does Steve have the guts to be Milton’s friend in public as well as in private? Or will it take a genuine superhero?

Engines of Dusk Book 2: A Thunder in Heaven by David Stroup

TITLE: Engines of Dusk Book 2: A Thunder in Heaven
AUTHOR: David Stroup

GENRE: Action/Adventure • Fiction • Science Fiction
LENGTH: 81,870 words
PRICE: $6.99


In deep space, a young artificial intelligence named Hawkens DuPree is fighting for her life, pursued by the agents of an unknown enemy. Run to ground in a lawless station, she joins with an unlikely ally to follow the clues -- but will the truth hit too close to home?

Meanwhile, on the edge of human civilization, freelance journalist Temple Argent and scientist Kathryn Tamashio lay a trap for a murderer. En route from a planet-wide laboratory to a rugged frontier world, they find themselves fighting for their lives.

And deep within the territory of the alien Makers -- an advanced, sexually dimorphic civilization that was at war with humanity a generation ago -- a shipwrecked human pilot and an alien hired gun join forces to rescue a kidnapped consul. But as Aly Castillos and A’thiathialae grow closer, the man they seek becomes a pawn in a conspiracy that could shake two civilizations to their roots.

The drumbeat of war builds, and a handful of humans, aliens, and artificial intelligences race against time ... but as the Engines of Dusk move new pieces onto the board of their deadly game, it may already be too late.

September 23, 2012

Nowhere by Wayne Mansfield

TITLE: Nowhere
AUTHOR: Wayne Mansfield

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fantasy • Fiction • Gay • Horror
LENGTH: 20,130 words
PRICE: $3.99

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Matthew is not a happy man. On the eve of his 40th birthday, he stands naked before a full-length mirror and assesses what he sees reflected within. Sure, his body is toned and well-maintained. His job is physical and defined muscles are a result of the manual labour. He is handsome. But what good are these things when they house an empty heart? The most upsetting thought is that the older he gets, the less chance he has of ever finding someone to fill that void.

He runs into the night, fuelled by negative thoughts and looking to end his loneliness -- permanently. But he trips and falls. There is an explosion of pain and then ... nothing.

He wakes in a place he doesn’t recognize. He lays chained to a bed, in a prison of gray stone patrolled by heavily muscled guards. He is Nowhere, a mysterious place of erotic fantasy.

Lesser of Two Evils by J.M. Snyder

TITLE: Lesser of Two Evils
AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder

GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Romance
LENGTH: 2,161 words
PRICE: $1.99


Jared Harrison has never been able to please his father. In an effort to impress him, Jared goes to the same college his father graduated from, and even majors in pre-law, just like his old man.

Unfortunately, neither announcement wins him any "son of the year" awards.

Away at school, Jared meets -- and falls in love with -- a fellow student named Larry. Their relationship deepens, but Jared isn't out to his parents, so he tries very hard to keep both parts of his life separate.

Until Larry asks to meet Jared's family.

Jared knows his sexuality will only distant him further from his father. Unless he can find some way to soften the blow ...

September 9, 2012

The Nightingale of St. Barthélémy by Hayden Thorne

TITLE: The Nightingale of St. Barthélémy
AUTHOR: Hayden Thorne

GENRE: Fantasy • Fiction • Historical • Young Adult
LENGTH: 13,099 words
PRICE: $2.99


Orphaned and destitute, sisters Yolanthe and Ninette Briard have somehow managed to survive hunger and cold and find comfort in each other’s company as well as Yolanthe’s music. The older Briard girl is gifted with an exquisite voice, which she uses to earn enough money for their daily subsistence and to entertain her fragile younger sister.

One harsh winter, Ninette falls dangerously ill, spurring Yolanthe to brave the cold and continue her singing at St. Barthélémy’s square, where she attracts the attention of a potential benefactress who promises a rosy future for her and her sister. Yolanthe quickly learns that the path to a happier future might not be as straightforward as she’d first believed.

A lesson about sacrifice and selflessness will come in the guise of a strange gentleman in black, and fifteen-year-old Yolanthe will have to depend on what little knowledge of the world she has to bargain for borrowed time.

Opening Doors by Joshua Skye

TITLE: Opening Doors
AUTHOR: Joshua Skye

GENRE: Adult Humor • Contemporary • Erotic • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 12,969 words
PRICE: $2.99


While preparing for the annual scouting jamboree, a good-looking and lovable goofball makes an appointment to get the required physical. But instead of going to his family physician, he goes to see a new doctor.

After a series of humorous and sexy examinations, he leaves with a whole new outlook on life.

Fireside Romance Book 3: Heating Up by Drew Hunt

TITLE: Fireside Romance Book 3: Heating Up
AUTHOR: Drew Hunt

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 57,779 words
PRICE: $5.99


The third book in the Fireside Romance saga sees Simon Peters and Mark Smith return from their summer holiday in Menorca, Spain, where they exchanged wedding rings.

As a committed couple, Simon and Mark widen their social circle. However, a near tragedy reminds them that togetherness needs to be celebrated because it can all too easily be snatched away.

Much to his surprise, the serious and conservative librarian Simon discovers he has a kinky side, one which he and Mark take every opportunity to explore, even in unlikely places such as inside their new garden shed.

Then Christmas arrives, which heralds their first anniversary, and along with it comes a new addition to their household.

Join Simon and Mark as they navigate through the highs and lows of life in late 1980's northern England.

Crash and Burn by J.M. Snyder

TITLE: Crash and Burn
AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder

GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Romance
LENGTH: 11,811 words
PRICE: $2.99


Chris and Aaron have hit a rough patch in their relationship, but it isn't anything they can't weather. Part of the disconnect stems from their different work schedules -- Chris works in an office during the day, while Aaron works swing shift at a plant, sometimes working days, sometimes afternoons, sometimes nights. The odd shift causes stress in their relationship, but Chris knows they can work through it together.

Then he discovers Aaron is secretly taking prescription drugs for depression.

Suddenly Chris feels as if he doesn't know Aaron any more. He's afraid to bring up the pills he found, but more afraid of losing his lover. To mistrust, to denial, to addiction. He tells himself he'll step in before it's too late.

But will he be able to figure out when to step in and say something? Or will Aaron's growing dependence on prescriptions drive them apart?

September 2, 2012

The Batboy by Terry O'Reilly

TITLE: The Batboy
AUTHOR: Terry O'Reilly

GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 15,457 words
PRICE: $3.99

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Seventeen-year-old Thad Stevens loves baseball -- he’s loved it for as long as he can remember. Thad’s dream of becoming a batboy comes true when he’s chosen to be on the squad for the Buzzards, a local, semi-pro baseball team.

His duties put him in constant contact with his idol, shortstop Iggy Hernandez. Thad struggles with his growing attraction to the handsome ball player.

One day Thad accidentally discovers Iggy has a secret life. What will Thad do with this new information, and what implications does it have for the young batboy and his relationship with the man he admires?

Melting Wax and Burning Feathers by Jennifer Cierra

TITLE: Melting Wax and Burning Feathers
AUTHOR: Jennifer Cierra

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 10,263 words
PRICE: $2.99


Gregory Daniels is a man who has given up. Once he dreamed of going to L.A. and "making it big," but those dreams exploded, leaving his lover dead and Gregory disillusioned. Now he works 9-to-5 as a tax attorney in Long Beach, California, trying to convince himself a weekly paycheck is enough to make up for a job he hates and dinner alone every night.

Then Gregory notices a talented, beautiful young guitarist playing on the museum steps on his way to work, and he begins to wonder whether he hasn't sacrificed more than he's gained in favor of predictability and routine. An opportunity beckons; the only question is whether Gregory trusts himself enough to reach out and take it.

Fair Love by Spencer Rook

TITLE: Fair Love
AUTHOR: Spencer Rook

GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Romance
LENGTH: 5,565 words
PRICE: $2.99


When Devin finds his boyfriend cheating on him, he doesn’t know what to do. Alone in a town that he despises, he winds up at a world famous traveling fair, where everything seems to remind him of his now ex-boyfriend.

Devin tries to lose himself at the fair and winds up in the tent of a fortune teller. There, instead of the stereotypical psychic, Devin meets Ricky, who may know more about Devin's future than either realize.