September 2, 2012

The Batboy by Terry O'Reilly

TITLE: The Batboy
AUTHOR: Terry O'Reilly

GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 15,457 words
PRICE: $3.99

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Seventeen-year-old Thad Stevens loves baseball -- he’s loved it for as long as he can remember. Thad’s dream of becoming a batboy comes true when he’s chosen to be on the squad for the Buzzards, a local, semi-pro baseball team.

His duties put him in constant contact with his idol, shortstop Iggy Hernandez. Thad struggles with his growing attraction to the handsome ball player.

One day Thad accidentally discovers Iggy has a secret life. What will Thad do with this new information, and what implications does it have for the young batboy and his relationship with the man he admires?

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