June 10, 2012

Love is in the Cards by K.C. Grim

TITLE: Love is in the Cards 
AUTHOR: K.C. Grim 

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fantasy • Fiction • Gay 
LENGTH: 23,076 words 
PRICE: $3.99 

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While working in his grandmother’s tea shop reading Tarot cards, Brishen Pakvora finds his world turned upside down when Marcus Emerson walks in. The extremely sexy -- and undoubtedly straight -- Marcus is there to find out his future. Brishen agrees to a quick card reading and hopes to dazzle the handsome man. 

Brishen sets up an elaborate display to impress Marcus, but he’s shocked to learn more than he expected in the cards. Not only is Marcus getting ready to meet the love of his life in the very near future, but Marcus’ last cards reveal his future love interest will be ... Brishen himself! 

Secret romance and stolen kisses in the dark are thrilling at first, but can love grow when Marcus is too scared to admit he’s gay? With Brishen’s help, he explores the wonders of a new sexual adventure he never before imagined. Is he willing to commit to a relationship with another man? Or will the fear of losing himself to another drive the lovers apart?

Letters from the Sky by Tamer Lorika

TITLE: Letters from the Sky
AUTHOR: Tamer Lorika

GENRE: Fantasy • Fiction • Lesbian • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 50,202 words
PRICE: $4.99

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Jeanne is now in her eighth year of school, and never has the world seemed more strange. Her little town grows greyer and greyer, and every day the radio tells news of a war just far enough away, it doesn’t matter to her.


What does matter are immediate things: her friends, her family, and a magical guardian named Jericho who visits while she sleeps. Jericho’s love for her seems so perfect as to be impossible. But when Jericho disappears for weeks at a time, Jeanne isn’t sure she can continue to believe her guardian is real any longer.

As Jeanne’s relationship with Jericho deepens, can she continue to believe in her guardian? Can Jericho’s love protect her in the midst of impending war? Or does Jericho even exist at all?

Endless Summer by J.M. Snyder

TITLE: Endless Summer
AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 19,269 words
PRICE: $3.99

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/76

It's the summer before his senior year of college, and the last thing Jason Mizzoli wants to do is spend it with his parents. But when his mother books a month's stay at a family friendly resort, she won't let him talk his way out of going.

Jason's determined not to enjoy himself ... until he sees sexy resort employee Travis. After a chance encounter over breakfast, Jason thinks Travis might be just as interested as he is in getting to know each other a little better. But hooking up is easier said and done.

It isn't until Jason's mother signs him up for a stupid dance class that Jason learns what exactly it is Travis does at the resort. Now that they've found each other, finally, the summer stretches ahead of them with the promise of first love.

There's only one little problem -- Jason isn't out to his parents. What will happen if -- and when -- they find out about Travis?

June 3, 2012

The King's Justice by Wayne Mansfield

TITLE: The King's Justice
AUTHOR: Wayne Mansfield

GENRE: Erotic Romance • Fantasy • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 7,488 words
PRICE: $2.99

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Sequel to The King's Prize

Pan is poisoned and, though he recovers, King Seronisis will not let the matter rest. There is a would-be killer in the palace and the culprit must be brought to justice.

An afternoon spent with the royal accountant gives Pan the perfect opportunity to investigate the crime himself. Will he find the person or persons who want him dead? Or is there a deeper secret he runs the risk of uncovering?

Milton's Hero by Drew Hunt

TITLE: Milton's Hero
AUTHOR: Drew Hunt

GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Young Adult
LENGTH: 15,701 words
PRICE: $3.99


What should a straight high school junior do when he learns a gay guy in his grade has a crush on him?

When JJ Brockwell stops a group of jocks from bullying comic book nerd Milton Katz, he finds himself the object of Milton’s misplaced affection. JJ wants to be his friend, but Milton wants more.

JJ has a girlfriend named Maggie, who wants to wait before having sex. JJ respects this, but he’s 16 and cold showers only go so far. Maggie thinks Milton’s crush on her boyfriend is cute, but that doesn’t help with JJ’s problem.

All Milton wants is JJ, and all JJ wants is Maggie. How can they find a solution to this impossible triangle?

Awakening by Terry O'Reilly

TITLE: Awakening
AUTHOR: Terry O'Reilly

GENRE: Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay • Historical
LENGTH: 37,379 words
PRICE: $4.99

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Jonathon Carver, a young Puritan school teacher, meets handsome Nathaniel Morgan, master cooper. He comes to recognize the longings he's had all his life as desire for the love of another man, and Nathaniel provides that love.

Their love must be carefully guarded, as they live in Colonial America during a time of the call to Awakening of the Puritan spirit. Knowing the penalty for their love is dire, they strive to keep their affair secret.

Desperate for a way to resolve their situation, they devise a bold plan which could free them to be together. But can their love for one another overcome the structure of the society in which they live? Or will they be destined to forego fulfillment of their desire and go their separate ways?

June 1, 2012

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