June 29, 2014

Backwatch Lane by Elliot Arthur Cross

Backwatch Lane by Elliot Arthur Cross is now available in e-book format!

Cody Langdon has survived a lot since moving to Florida to start his life over. After his new neighbors were killed by a demon named Tanglewood, Cody joined a secret support group for people who had been through similar ordeals against ghosts, monsters, and demons. While on a trip to a mysterious island, Cody was thrown back in time to the 1850s in the body of a closeted aristocrat.

Not only must Cody quickly readjust to the jarring social and technological differences of the 1850s, but he soon finds a mysterious adversary stalking him. When his unofficial boyfriend and his best friend arrive at the plantation, the three confused teens discover their trip through time may hold valuable information about Tanglewood.

With their lives in constant danger and no one to help them, Cody must find a way to survive the 1800s and return to his normal life dealing with parents who want him to see a psychiatrist, a rocky romance, and a murderous demon.

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June 26, 2014

Ask and I'll Tell by W.S. Long

Ask and I'll Tell by W.S. Long is now available in e-book format!

Raised by his aunt, after his mother died, Pad McLaughlin enlisted in the Air Force to see the world, and save money for college, but he didn’t expect to fall in love with his supervisor, RJ Davis, a handsome, dashing officer. Rather than return home right away after his tour of duty in Saudi Arabia, Pad gambles on love by joining RJ in Bangkok, despite the government’s policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” When Pad realizes RJ doesn’t love him, he returns home broken-hearted only to be distracted by Wayne, another hunky airman, who keeps secrets from Pad.

When RJ finally realizes after Pad’s gone what Pad means to him, is he too late? Will Pad choose the officer or the airman?

Set in 2008, this love story takes place before the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” when gay men who loved each other were forced to remain in the closet and deny themselves happiness.

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June 25, 2014

Shearers by Wayne Mansfield

Shearers by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

Stuart is eighteen, but more boy than man. When his uncle offers him a job rousabouting in the shearing shed during his mid-year break from university, he has no idea what to expect. He’s always been more of an indoors kind of guy.

He knows he’ll be working with some pretty rough men. Men who work the shearing circuit, going from farm to farm shearing sheep until there are no more sheep left to shear. His only hope is to try and fit in.

As it turns out, he has no choice. His uncle has arranged for him to share a room in the shearer’s quarters with one of the shearers. The very idea makes Stuart, who has always been unsure of himself and insecure, want to back out of the whole deal and return to town, to the comfort of home. But he doesn’t. He is determined to bite the proverbial bullet.

The work is hard and Stuart does his best. The shearing shed is a place where a man has to prove himself; to show what he’s made of. Does Stuart have what it takes? What will he learn about himself in the process? About life? About shearers?

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June 24, 2014

Midnight Swim by Francis Gideon

Midnight Swim by Francis Gideon is now available in e-book format!

Devon Landry works nights at a tech company and goes to the gym during the day. During one of his workouts, Devon spots a mysterious man swimming in the pool alone. Later in the change room, the man introduces himself as Wolf, a friend of the gym’s owner. When Wolf invites Devon for a midnight swim after hours, Devon must call in sick for work and completely change his schedule, or risk missing out on a mysterious offer with other implications beyond learning how to swim.

Before their date, Devon pieces together facts about Wolf, who is really Sebastian Thibodaux, a former Olympic hopeful who dropped out when he got cancer. Now cancer-free, he swims alone in the gym’s pool as if to relive his old days. From the old press photos Devin finds of Wolf with young male escorts, he’s relieved to find he is precisely Wolf’s type.

At midnight, both men meet and test the boundaries of their routines, bodies, and perceptions. As Devon relinquishes his control, his new adventure with Wolf grows more exciting than he ever could imagine.

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June 23, 2014

Paul Alan Fahey on A Deadly Game of Malice

Paul Alan Fahey on A Deadly Game of Malice

I have to tell you I'm an avid Agatha Christie fan. Always have been. Always will be. I started reading her terrific mysteries as a teenager and was lucky enough, during the 1960's and '70's, to read every new book she wrote at the time her publisher released them. To the reading public, the latest Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple, released at Christmastime, became known throughout the reading world as "A Christie for Christmas," and I devoured each and every one of them.

Not one to delve too deeply into the psychology of her characters or spend an inordinate amount of time on character development, Christie became famous for her ingenious plots. And deservedly so. The idea for my latest Lovers and Liars novella, A Deadly Game of Malice, came from one of my favorite Christie plots in The Moving Finger: a rash of poison pen letters circulate in a small English village and a series of murders follows. Given this situation, I took two of my characters, Caroline Graham -- now six months pregnant -- and Leslie Atwater -- suffering recurring PTSD from the Blitz -- and set them smack dab in the middle of it.

Are the sudden deaths connected to the letters? Or are the letters a smokescreen meant to hide the killer's real motive for the crimes? As weeks pass and bodies mount, Caroline, with Leslie's help, must use all her cunning and put her life at risk to uncover a cold-blooded murderer -- a remorseless killer who continues to raise the stakes in a deadly game of malice.

I hope you have as much fun reading the book as I had writing it. Please let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from you.

Paul Alan Fahey

June 22, 2014

A Deadly Game of Malice by Paul Alan Fahey

A Deadly Game of Malice by Paul Alan Fahey is now available in e-book format!

It's spring 1942. Caroline Graham is six months pregnant, overweight, irritable, and most decidedly bored with her "delicate" condition. She hates being tied down and resents her husband Cyril and her cousin Edward for being off on assignment and having fun while she's confined to the village. She grows more restless each day, and her good friend and confidant Leslie Atwater does his best to boost her spirits but fails miserably. What Caroline needs is a problem to solve, "something juicy" to challenge her mind. And, of course, that's exactly what she gets.

Be careful what you wish for.

First there's a rash of poison pen letters circulating in the village. Librarian Elspeth Hunter receives a letter, and is the first to die, presumably by her own hand. Other deaths follow. Are the sudden deaths connected to the letters? As weeks pass and the bodies mount, Caroline and Leslie discover a pattern that suggests something more sinister is at work. With Leslie's help, Caroline must use all her cunning and put her life at risk to uncover a cold-blooded murderer -- a remorseless killer who continues to raise the stakes in a deadly game of malice.

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June 18, 2014

The Weekender by R.W. Clinger

The Weekender by R.W. Clinger is now available in e-book format!

When cowboy Gage Wellton visits boyhood friend, Corey Cassidy, for a fun-filled weekend in New York City, Corey's life is turned upside down. The two have the time of their lives in the big city. As memories of their childhoods unfold, dancing, drinking, and a night of heavy sex ensue.

Gage soon finds himself smitten, which he didn't expect. It's too late for romance though, since Gage has to head back to his ranch, ending the weekend of fun and good memories. Corey asks him to stay, but Gage has obligations in Kansas and decides to return home, leaving Corey and the city behind.

Once back home, Gage struggles without Corey at his side. Then a rodeo accident sends Gage to the hospital and Corey shows up to visit. Corey becomes medicine for Gage. During his visit, the two become intimate again. But it's hard for a closeted, gay cowboy to survive in a straight man's world. Will love be enough to make one man change his entire life for another?

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June 17, 2014

Flickering Boy by C.J. Munoz

Flickering Boy by C.J. Munoz is now available in e-book format!

Carter Halls is a boy who lives simply, peacefully, and a bit awkwardly in the small beachside town of Railport. Well, he did, until he decided to help out a cute redheaded boy who seemed homeless.

The redhead, Quinn, is a lot different from what Carter expected. Actually, Carter wasn’t sure what he expected at all, but it definitely wasn’t what Quinn was. Quinn has a lot more going for him than a charming smile and beautiful eyes. He's more excited, hopeful, and enthusiastic than any human Carter has ever met.

Maybe that's because Quin isn't human.

As things get a bit more insane and a lot more unbelievable, Carter discovers there are some things you can’t stop, but that doesn’t mean you start giving up.

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June 16, 2014

Come Whatever Storms by J.M. Snyder

Come Whatever Storms by J.M. Snyder is now available in e-book format!

In the near future, a deadly flu-like virus decimates the Earth's population. The few who remain struggle to survive without electricity, fresh food, or any other amenities they once took for granted.

John “Court” Courtland and his best friend Ronnie Densch are two such survivors. Court has never known a time when Ronnie wasn't in his life. They grew up together. But it's only as they begin to move forward in the post-apocalyptic chaos of Virginia that Court realizes he's in love with Ronnie. Always has been, and always will be, even if he never lets himself admit it out loud.

Ronnie is a private, inscrutable man who lets no one close to him except Court. With winter coming on, Ronnie wants to move farther south to warmer weather, and Court follows without question. Along the way, they're joined by other survivors, a ragtag bunch all looking for guidance. As they travel, they hear faint radio signals from Fort Sumter, South Carolina, where a rebuild effort is underway.

The world Court once knew has changed, leaving behind a dangerous and lawless landscape. But come whatever storms, he knows can weather them with Ronnie by his side. Will Sumter turn out to be everything Court hopes for and more? And will he find the courage to tell Ronnie how he really feels before it’s too late?

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June 15, 2014

A Bored Game Girl by J.D. Walker

A Bored Game Girl by J.D. Walker is now available in e-book format!

Carmen Jenson is the kind of girl who loves to read books in bed, watch movies at home, and play board games on the weekends. Her girlfriend Patty, however, claims she's not exciting enough, and dumps her. Carmen decides she’s had enough of failed relationships and decides to stay single for a while, though in her heart she wants something more.

Nel Patrick is the bus driver on Carmen's daily route to work. She always teases Carmen about chasing down the bus because she’s late. Carmen thinks nothing of the friendly banter between them until a chance meeting on the bus. While talking about Carmen's desire for a meaningful relationship, Nel reacts in a way that’s totally unexpected, leaving Carmen at a loss to understand her strange behavior.

A few days later, Nel shows up at Carmen’s workplace. When Nel's attraction to Carmen comes out into the open, they go out on a date. A hot night of loving leads Carmen to wonder if she’s finally found the game girl she's always wanted.

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June 11, 2014

Stranger Things by Wayne Mansfield

Stranger Things by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

Morgan Berry’s mother had always wanted a daughter and when she gives birth to a son, she simply dresses him as a girl and treats him as she would a daughter. When he’s picked on and teased at kindergarten, she homeschools him herself.

Morgan is eight when his mother brings home a new beau, a no-nonsense man called Dennis O’Rourke. He compliments his new ‘daughter’ on how pretty she is and when his mother doesn’t correct the man, Morgan flees the room in embarrassment.

Naturally, Dennis eventually discovers Morgan isn’t a girl. From that moment on, he barely acknowledges Morgan’s existence and is, in fact, openly hostile to his cross-dressing step-son. On the eve of Morgan’s eighteenth birthday, Dennis, now an alcoholic, bashes his stepson until Morgan loses consciousness.

Morgan wakes up outside. He has no idea how he came to be under a tree on top of a small hill beneath a starry sky. He’s trying to work it out when he meets Reginald Batt, of the Big River Batts.

Morgan and Reginald become inseparable and together they experience worlds of wonder and awe. Morgan is shown sights he could never have imagined and in the process he learns many things about the world, and about himself -- the most important of which is a revelation indeed.

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June 10, 2014

Metal and Dust Book 1: The Siege by Eve Francis

Metal and Dust Book 1: The Siege by Eve Francis is now available in e-book format!

Samandra Keen is the leader of a resistance movement that has set up camp in a deserted military base in the wake of a government meltdown and disbanding of the fifty states. Now threatened by constant surveillance and with no information they can trust, people like Samandra must fend for themselves and only trust their instinct. Samandra’s biggest fear is her past coming back to haunt her -- growing up inside a mapped “red zone” and her prison time for being an activist. To fall back into the lure of time and memory, Samandra knows, will be the first act that leads her astray. In order to win and maintain her power, Samandra focuses on her tight military crew, fending off attacks from another resistance movement called The Tea Traitors, and staying hidden from The Government.

When Riley Hurwitz, a young hacker and weapons maker, breaches Samandra’s military compound, she is taken prisoner. With Riley now bound to a bed and gagged, Samandra is determined to figure out why someone as smart as Riley has been caught. As Riley’s plan slowly unravels and her true intent found out, Riley strikes a deal with Samandra: they can both band together and share power -- or Samandra’s crew will be destroyed from the inside.

What results between Riley and Samandra is a constant battle of wills until they both understand that their mission in this futuristic landscape is not to be bound to an idea or a cause for war -- but to one another.

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June 9, 2014

Change for the Better by Feral Sephrian

Change for the Better by Feral Sephrian is now available in e-book format!

When Flynn meets Tanya at a table-top RPG campaign, his first impression is that she's the kind of girl he'd like to get to know. He does just that; however, not only does he discover they make a great pair, but he also learns she isn't really Tanya.

She's Tony, a pre-treatment transgender man.

Despite being a tried-and-true heterosexual, Flynn chooses to stick with Tony anyway and supports him during transition. Their initial one night stand turns into a wild and dedicated relationship. They -- and their RPG characters -- face many challenges. Flynn and Tony seem made for each other, the sex is more than incredible, and Flynn is willing to brave it out, but a Willpower check isn't enough to rid him of his crippling doubts. Will the love they share be enough to overcome the antagonism they face in the real world?

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June 8, 2014

Boys of Summer by Shane Allison

Boys of Summer by Shane Allison is now available in e-book format!

Cray and Delroy have both been through a great deal. Not only is Delroy the only man with whom Cray has felt completely comfortable being intimate, but Delroy himself has a troubled history that continues to plague him. On the night of their one-year anniversary, all they want to do is celebrate with friends and family. Cray’s best friend, Shakeeva, has even thrown them the party of the century as her present.

But things get explosive when Sonique, Delroy’s drugged-out ex-wife, decides to crash the party and make a scene. Will Cray and Delroy be able to make it through the night with this high-octane drama on their doorstep? Will either of them be able to reconcile with his family and live happily ever after? No matter what happens, this will certainly be a night to remember.

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June 4, 2014

Welcome to Grayville by Faye Worthington

Welcome to Grayville by Faye Worthington is now available in e-book format!

Welcome to Grayville, where women learn about the power of love, friendship, and the battles of everyday life.

Meet Becca Mantra, who is having a secret love affair and doesn't realize she's pushing her husband Jay over the edge Why is she so happy about her infidelity with a woman half her age? Maybe it’s because Tuckie Brice, a greasy mechanic at Monkey’s Garage who suffers from depression, is actively seeking psychological help for her problems, while Jay is not.

There’s also psychologist Dr. Sharon Shaw, who sees Tuckie twice a week, falls in love with Trevina Banter, a paperback mystery writer. When Trevina saves Jay from a suicide attempt, she decides to write a strange short story, which has nothing to do with her prize-winning sleuth.

And then there’s Julia Bevel, an abused wife with a questionable attraction to her best friend, Cindy Cotter. When she steps out of her comfort zone and makes a physical pass at Cindy, Julia’s visit to Grayville will never be forgotten, and her life changes in dramatic ways.

Together the women of Grayville share their individual tribulations and triumphs of everyday life in their small Pennsylvania community.

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June 3, 2014

The Tiger Whisperer by Belea T. Keeney

The Tiger Whisperer by Belea T. Keeney is now available in e-book format!

A man. A tiger. A tornado.

Jared Montaine owns a big cat rescue in Florida and faces financial pressures, getting over his ex-wife, and the challenge of suburbia creeping ever closer to his enclave for the animals. But when a tornado wrecks part of the refuge, Jared's worst fear comes to life: his Siberian tiger, Sultan, escapes.

It's a big cat handler’s nightmare: a tiger on the loose, confused, lost -- and hungry.

Jared races against the police, the media, and the hysterical public, all of whom are clamoring for the tiger's hide. He must re-capture Sultan before the cat is killed -- by traffic, by SWAT, or by a civilian who just wants to shoot a tiger. With fellow wildlife handlers at his side, Jared fights desperately to find and capture Sultan before the tiger injures or kills a human. Because that would lead to his worst nightmare -- having to kill the tiger he hand-raised from a cub. Jared’s commitment is tested -- to his animals, his refuge, and his belief that saving the life of even one tiger is worth losing everything.

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June 2, 2014

Out in the Sticks by H. Lewis-Foster

Out in the Sticks by H. Lewis-Foster is now available in e-book format!

Lawyer Adam Sibden has moved to the charming English village of Sharpley to forget about men. But when he takes his car to the local garage, he can’t help being attracted to the handsome young manager Jim Turley, who is friendly, professional and apparently gay. Adam goes to the village pub that evening, and with nowhere else to sit, he joins Jim and his mates. A misunderstanding leads to a highly embarrassing moment for Adam, but Jim thankfully comes to his rescue and makes him feel more at ease.

As the winter weather takes hold, Adam finds himself stranded with a punctured tyre, following a disastrous meeting with his ex-boyfriend Lucas. Adam calls the garage’s breakdown service, and when Jim ventures into the snow to find him, he offers more help than Adam could have hoped for.

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June 1, 2014

Grave's End by Hayden Thorne

Grave's End by Hayden Thorne is now available in e-book format!

It isn’t business as usual for Maelwine when a new family moves into Grave’s End House. With the old, great house standing untenanted for quite some time, being a house shade attached to it has turned the hours dull for Maelwine. He has no family to entertain him, no variations in his daily duty, which involves the rousing of shadows in every room when the sun goes down.

Things change when the Villar family arrive, however, and Maelwine is finally happily caught up in the comings and goings at Grave’s End. That is, until he notices Royden Villar, a young boy with a secret that depresses his spirits and touches Maelwine in surprising and alarming ways. The more Maelwine studies Royden’s behavior, the more he glimpses the other boy’s heart, and, suddenly, new paths reveal themselves to Maelwine -- paths that are as muddy as they are dangerous.

As a house shade, Maelwine is immortal and enjoys certain benefits that can only come with immortality. Not once has he questioned his situation. It is, after all, as Nature has always intended. But with Royden’s arrival, Maelwine’s forced to face difficult answers to unsettling questions about the nature of his existence.

He’s only a house shade, after all, and nothing more. He doesn’t have a heart, doesn’t feel loneliness in the shadows of his world. Things should be easy, but Royden Villar has set certain wheels in motion, and there’s simply no turning back.

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