June 10, 2014

Metal and Dust Book 1: The Siege by Eve Francis

Metal and Dust Book 1: The Siege by Eve Francis is now available in e-book format!

Samandra Keen is the leader of a resistance movement that has set up camp in a deserted military base in the wake of a government meltdown and disbanding of the fifty states. Now threatened by constant surveillance and with no information they can trust, people like Samandra must fend for themselves and only trust their instinct. Samandra’s biggest fear is her past coming back to haunt her -- growing up inside a mapped “red zone” and her prison time for being an activist. To fall back into the lure of time and memory, Samandra knows, will be the first act that leads her astray. In order to win and maintain her power, Samandra focuses on her tight military crew, fending off attacks from another resistance movement called The Tea Traitors, and staying hidden from The Government.

When Riley Hurwitz, a young hacker and weapons maker, breaches Samandra’s military compound, she is taken prisoner. With Riley now bound to a bed and gagged, Samandra is determined to figure out why someone as smart as Riley has been caught. As Riley’s plan slowly unravels and her true intent found out, Riley strikes a deal with Samandra: they can both band together and share power -- or Samandra’s crew will be destroyed from the inside.

What results between Riley and Samandra is a constant battle of wills until they both understand that their mission in this futuristic landscape is not to be bound to an idea or a cause for war -- but to one another.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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