July 24, 2014

FREE E-BOOK TODAY ONLY! Christmas Deception by Eric Fahnestock

Christmas Deception by Eric Fahnestock


His name is Rupert, but his family call him Puddy. He’s twenty-five, in the closet, in a marriage of convenience, and very inexperienced when it comes to sex. But all this is about to change.

His wife Karin sets a devious plan in motion to send him on holiday to Germany. Little does Puddy realize her intentions are not exactly pure. Manipulated by his wife and her brother, he eventually meets handsome and openly gay Dede.

Dede and Puddy first spend time together in Munich, where Puddy is introduced to the gay scene and learns a lot more about sex than he bargained for. Then they venture on to Berlin, where Puddy falls in love.

Will Puddy be able to come to terms with his newly-embraced sexuality and find true love? Or will his gay adventure end when the holidays are over?

July 23, 2014

Jeff Adams on Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound

Jeff Adams on Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound

I'm excited that Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound is now available. I admit, when I wrote Hat Trick I didn't expect there to be a sequel. As I was writing, it felt like a self-contained story.

However, during a time where I'd put the manuscript aside after an editing session, I had the idea for a short story. Without giving away anything from Hat Trick, Simon goes through a lot of strife because of his older brother and father. The short story jumped forward a couple years and centered on Simon taking care of some family business. I wrote the first draft, put it away and returned to the main novel.

As Hat Trick went through its formal editing process last summer with Queerteen Press/JMS Books, I pulled that short story out and found that Simon was talking to me loud and clear about more things he wanted to do. Initially I thought I'd write a single book that would take place during Simon and Alex's senior year of college. As I wrote, it became clear that Simon had a lot of story and that it should be broken up. So, Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound takes place in the couple's sophomore year.

So what's happening in the world of Simon and Alex? As I mentioned, Simon has to go home to take care of some family issues. His father is ill and wants to see him -- and wants him to make amends with his brother. Simon and Alex mark two years together with an Alex-planned celebration. We also see Simon dig into what he wants to do when he gets out of school, becoming a social worker and working with young people. There's also an anti-gay attacker menacing the campus population that will spur Simon into action, more evidence of him wanting to help people.

Working on the sequel pushed me to adapt my writing style. I'm typically a pantser, meaning I write by the seat of my pants and make stuff up as I go. Knowing the stories I wanted to tell, I split up the action between the two books sequels (yes, there's another book to come) and had to make sure there was good continuity through what would be a trilogy. It means that I've become, at least in the case of the Hat Trick universe, a pantser who also plots.

So far this shift in writing style seems to work. I outline the major plot points deliberately and then fill in the details using my typical pantser methods. Early feedback is that it worked well for Playing the Rebound.

Thanks to all the readers who, over the past ten months that they've wanted to see more of Simon and Alex. I hope you all enjoy Hat Trick 2.

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FREE E-BOOK TODAY ONLY! Turning Thirty by Shawna Jeanne

Turning Thirty by Shawna Jeanne


Lisa Keenan is turning thirty, and dreads the big “three-oh.” Her boyfriend Nick tries to make light of it, but she knows her youth is fading. The best birthday gift would be a marriage proposal -- they've been together ten years already, and neither is getting any younger -- but she doesn’t want to have to tell Nick to buy her a ring.

So when he asks what she’d like for her birthday, she says the only other thing she would really love. A threesome.

Nick’s best friend Ray has always been flirtatious -- not just with Lisa, but with Nick, too. She knows the guys have experimented sexually in the past, so getting them together again, this time with her in the middle, won’t be a problem.

On Lisa’s birthday, Nick treats her like a princess, but things heat up royally when Ray joins them in the bedroom.

July 22, 2014

Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound by Jeff Adams

Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound by Jeff Adams is now available in e-book format!

The events from two years ago are still fresh in Simon Robert’s mind as he and Alex Miller begin their sophomore year at the University of Michigan. Nightmares are a routine occurrence as Simon relives the crimes his father and brother committed. Now, with his father ill and asking to see him, Simon must decide if he should see the man who tried to send him away to be fixed. And then there's Zach. Simon's conflicted about making peace with his older brother who tormented him as they grew up and caused him to be outed to his parents, friends and teammates.

Alex wants Simon to find closure, but Alex is furious at the thought of forgiving Zack. With no clear direction, Simon finds guidance from an unexpected, but very welcome, source.

At the same time, the University’s student body is faced with an anti-gay attacker among them. When he witnesses an attack first hand, memories threaten to overwhelm Simon. At the same time, he’s also emboldened to take action, which might turn him into a target.

Despite the distractions, Simon works towards his future as he begins working with teens at the local LGBT community center. He has the opportunity to use his story as a teaching tool to help others come out. While he’s never enjoyed telling his story, he looks for the courage to speak his truth to an audience.

Luckily, not everything is chaos. Simon and Alex mark their anniversary in epic fashion, continue to play hockey and hang out with good friends. But with many demands on them, can Simon and Alex set up the rebound necessary to create the scoring opportunity for their future?

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FREE E-BOOK TODAY ONLY! The Bookstore Clerk by Mykola Dementiuk

The Bookstore Clerk by Mykola Dementiuk


New York City in the late 1960's. Just in his twenties, Billy has left his life on the streets behind and now works in the stockroom at Doubleday’s on 5th Avenue, a job he's held for over a year.

But when he meets his supervisor, Timmy Jennings, at a Times Square movie theater one Friday night, what does the man think of Billy’s life of easy sex? Billy’s world is rocked when Timmy seduces him in the movie theater, then brings him home.

Can Billy settle in with Timmy, his lover and protector, in his new home? Will he be able to manage his promotion to bookstore clerk even as it pulls him away from his friends in the stockroom and ensnares him in the tangle of egos and emotions on the sales floor? And can he come to grips with his newly-admitted queerness and let himself love Timmy?