April 23, 2014

You Again? by Michael P. Thomas

You Again? by Michael P. Thomas is now available in e-book format!

Henry Kavalauskas spends most of his time at YVR, Vancouver’s international airport. He works there, he hangs out there -- he knows the world is bigger than his fast-food job and his parents' living room, and he wishes he could find a guy to take him out into it. Someone to shepherd him through its teeming cities and sleep beside him in its fine hotels.

Someone like Zack Hoffman, to be quite specific, although Henry's first encounter with the short, sexy business traveler seems destined to be his last, seeing as how it takes place in an airport men's room.

But Zack's long-haul flight is canceled, and when their paths cross again quite by chance -- and Zack produces the key to a hotel room -- Henry seizes the moment. The room's gorgeous, Naked Zack is gorgeous, and being with him is a dream come true for Henry. Until reality barges in, chases Henry half-naked back into the airport, and raises some questions about Zack. Is he who he says he is? And, more importantly, will Henry ever see him again?

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April 22, 2014

The Purloined Phallus by Andrew May

The Purloined Phallus by Andrew May is now available in e-book format!

When the Celestial Jade Phallus of Poontang is stolen from Glastonbury University, it looks like a perfect case for super-talented relic hunter Inga Seliger, except she’s tied up with other work. She reluctantly delegates the task of retrieving the purloined phallus to her sidekick Euclid Vole, a sex-obsessed student with a penchant for dressing up as a woman.

Euclid's first clue leads him to an all-female establishment called Sister Sappho’s Mystic Mall, where the suspects include a feminist bookworm, a man-hating witch, and a muscle-bound body-piercer. Then the action shifts to a strangely secretive Tibetan temple in a sleazy backstreet. The action in question is of the men-only kind, so when Inga joins the case, it’s her turn to indulge in some cross-dressing.

Will Inga and Euclid succeed in retrieving the Celestial Jade Phallus of Poontang? Will Inga get a chance to use her finely-honed martial arts skills? And will Euclid manage to score with Inga ... or with anyone else, for that matter?

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April 21, 2014

The Boss's Daughter by J.T. Marie

The Boss's Daughter by J.T. Marie is now available in e-book format!

Once the daughter of a prominent dentist in Philadelphia, Natalie Allen wasn’t happy with the life she was expected to lead, so she left society behind and headed west. Now, in the little town of Junction, she’s known as Nat, a cowboy working on Boss Daddy’s cattle ranch. She keeps to herself, renting a room in a local boarding house instead of staying in the bunk house, and with her dungarees and short hair, no one realizes she’s living as a man.

But Boss Daddy’s pretty daughter Miss Lucille takes a notice to “Mr. Nat,” and the closer the two become, the more conflicted Nat grows. She likes Miss Lucille a lot more than she knows she should, and it’s easy to forget who she’s pretending to be around the boss’s daughter.

Then Miss Lucille surprises everyone, Nat included, by announcing their engagement. Nat knows they can’t marry, and if she tells Miss Lucille why, her ruse will be up. Her only choice is to leave Junction behind, even if it means breaking Miss Lucille’s heart.

But will Miss Lucille let Nat go so easily?

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April 20, 2014

Demons! Come Out! by Charlie Purcell

Demons! Come Out! by Charlie Purcell is now available in e-book format!

It sucks to be Charlie, the only gay kid in his small town high school. He’s different, which is never a good thing. His parents don’t understand him, his sister actively hates him, and his best (and only) friend accidentally outs him to the biggest bully in school. Things can’t get any worse ...

Until he accidentally opens a doorway to Hell and unleashes a horde of murderous demons.

Now he has to defeat each demon before anyone finds out what he did. If he doesn’t kill all of them before the town’s big centennial celebration, then the gate to Hell will open permanently. Suddenly, being gay isn’t that big a deal. He’s much more concerned about staying alive.

On his first demon-hunting mission, Charlie saves Todd, one of the popular kids. Pretty soon they team up to track down the remaining demons, and Charlie starts to realize he and Todd might have more in common than he first thought. As young love blossoms, the world inches closer and closer to apocalypse.

Charlie’s completely overwhelmed with swordfights, demon possessions, and more near death experiences than he can possibly imagine. His life has never been more different, and that just might help him save the world.

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April 19, 2014

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