December 31, 2014

Upcoming Releases for January 4, 2015


Carolina Burning
By T.A. Creech

By Emery C. Walters

The Midnight Bear Express
By Francis Gideon

Wrong Side of the Law
By Edward Kendrick

December 30, 2014

London Steam by Lynn Townsend

London Steam by Lynn Townsend is now available in e-book format!

In a reimagined 1890's London, where steam-driven airships rule the skies and monsters roam the streets, the Galileo Observatory's Club for Gentlemen welcomes all -- gwr, shape-changers, vampires, and lords. A high-stakes game leads more than a few men astray.

Poindexter Fitzhughes, renowned hero and scientist, learns just how much trouble a full-blooded gwr can be when he attempts to cure his lover, Lord Seth Maitland, of the disease. But when their backs are against the wall, the two must learn to trust in each other, and more importantly, in their true natures, to prevail.

Meanwhile, Duncan Farnsworth discovers being a vampire has not improved his social life, his chances of finding love, continuing the family line, or getting a bite to eat. Maneuvering his way around a sarcastic butler, his spinster sister, a run-in with an amorous werewolf, and a confrontation with a dead soldier and a French airship captain, Duncan finally finds exactly what he is thirsting for.

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December 29, 2014

Just a Little Unwell by Iyana Jenna

Just a Little Unwell by Iyana Jenna is now available in e-book format!

Patrick Trafford is pleased with the simple life he has, spending his time tending a tiny garden accompanied by his best friend, Chad, who just happens to be a cockroach. Nevertheless, he can't hide the excitement bubbling in him when a man suddenly appears in the garden.

Damien Abner politely welcomes, albeit somewhat at a loss, Patrick's warm offer to spend time with him. To have a coffee, watch some movie, and dance along with the characters in it.
They begin to date and Patrick has never been happier, though he barely knows who Damien is -- not that it matters to him. For him, being clueless does mean bliss.

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December 28, 2014

Endearments by Sam Singer

Endearments by Sam Singer is now available in e-book format!

Thirty-two year old clean-cut Michael Davis was raised with certain morals, the big one being you did not have meaningless anonymous sex. But despite his good Christian upbringing, he is a healthy, red-blooded, American male with an itch to scratch.

One night he heads out in search of some fun and meets James Pulaski, a minimal celebrity in the world of fetish photography. After each sizzling encounter with the intriguing photographer, Michael -- though twice burned by previous lovers -- begins to hope he might have found love.

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December 27, 2014

Surprise Gifts by Drew Hunt

Surprise Gifts by Drew Hunt is now available in e-book format!

As a Christmas gift to himself, interior designer Nick Dailey decides to fly to Southern Florida to watch his local NFL team play an away game. However, his last minute plans meant there was no room at any of the inns, forcing him to rent a room in a seedy motel.

Nick’s employee and best gal pal, Penny, had promised him a surprise gift. He’s amazed when he discovers this is none other than a meeting with “Big Bad Brad” Williams, star defensive lineman for the Outlaws. Nick can’t believe it when Brad asks if he can kiss Nick. Naturally Nick agrees. Pushing his luck, Nick asks to explore the big man’s chocolate-colored skin, bulging muscles, and heavy tattoos.

Things take a decided turn for the surreal when Brad strips naked and Nick is formally introduced to Brad’s genitalia -- Buddy Johnson and Bill and Ben Balls. What follows is an afternoon of passion, wonder, and delight that Nick knows he won’t ever forget.

But when the encounter is over, unexpected and uncomfortable truths are revealed. How will Brad and Nick each handle their surprise gifts?

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December 26, 2014

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus by J.T. Marie

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus by J.T. Marie is now available in e-book format!

At twelve, Brandy knows the truth about Santa Claus, but the secret of his identity is safe with her because she doesn’t want to ruin Christmas for her little brother Alex. Plus, to be completely honest, she doesn’t want to miss out on getting her own fair share of “Santa gifts” on Christmas day, either.

So when Alex wakes her up late on Christmas Eve insisting he’s seen Santa in the living room, Brandy knows he’s wrong. The only people home with them are Daddy and Papa. But Alex wants her to sneak out with him into the hallway to see for herself.

Can Brandy satisfy Alex’s curiosity without spoiling Christmas for the whole family?

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December 25, 2014

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December 24, 2014

Christmas Rush by Barbara Sheridan

Christmas Rush by Barbara Sheridan is now available in e-book format!

Ellie Bouchard died while formulating a plan to see her only child Remy reunited with the one person he was too stubborn to acknowledge as “The One.”

Determined to see her plan through, Ellie will do whatever it takes from the afterlife -- including heavenly blackmail and a few sneaky tricks -- to reunite Remy with his childhood companion Michael Carson this holiday season.

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December 23, 2014

Christmas Orgy by Eva Hore

Christmas Orgy by Eva Hore is now available in e-book format!

When our neighbors, Matt and Jane, invited us to a Christmas party, I jumped at the chance, but my wife, Sally, went along reluctantly. To our surprise, this party turned out to be something entirely different from what we expected.

Now I'm torn between wondering if I truly know my wife ... and wanting to explore this new avenue in our relationship.

NOTE: Contains scenes depicting menage (FFFM) sex.

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December 22, 2014

And Good Will to All by J.D. Walker

And Good Will to All by J.D. Walker is now available in e-book format!

It's the middle of a very cold December, and Charlie Mayburn is in desperate need of a seasonal night manager at his self-storage facility. When he comes across a résumé from his childhood sweetheart, Lonnie "Mack" McDaniel, he’s beyond surprised. Mack left right after high school, determined to see the world and abandoning both Charlie and their small town for greener pastures. So what’s he doing back twenty years later?

As he's desperate and Mack is the most qualified applicant, Charlie hires him on the spot, along with leasing him a ten-by-ten unit. Mack does good work, but something’s off about him. He's very secretive, often bedraggled, and has holes in his well-worn shoes. Definitely not the clean-cut Mack Charlie grew up with.

When Charlie discovers, quite by accident, that Mack has been living in the storage unit he rented -- in the middle of winter -- he takes matters in hand. He offers Mack a place to stay, no strings attached. It takes some doing, but Charlie finally gets Mack to tell him how he ended up homeless. The tale almost breaks his heart, but Charlie is determined to take care of his long lost friend, no matter what.
Perhaps this Christmas, both men can find their way through old hurts and forge a new beginning, with good will for all.

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December 21, 2014

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All J.M. Snyder e-books are 40% off!
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December 20, 2014

Hawaiian Wedding by J.M. Snyder

Hawaiian Wedding by J.M. Snyder is now available in e-book format!

City planner Remy McIntosh and architect Lane Anders are back from the best-selling novel, Just the Three of Us, to plan their Christmas wedding! When Remy married Kate, he’d only done so because it was the right thing to do, as she was pregnant with Braden. This time around, he’s marrying for love, and he wants everything to be just right.

At the time of their engagement, Virginia didn’t allow same-sex couples to marry, so Lane suggests they splurge and plan the perfect wedding in Hawaii. Because the island is so far away, Remy hires someone local to plan everything for them. He hates giving up so much control, but the wedding planner is someone Lane knew in high school, so she can’t be all bad, can she?

Unfortunately, things go wrong right from the start. Remy hopes to spend a week alone at Christmas with his lover in Hawaii before their families arrive for the wedding. But his son is erroneously booked on the same flight as Remy and Lane, and they have to spend their romantic tropical holiday entertaining a nine year old boy. Then the wedding planner disappears for the weekend to participate in a surfing competition.

When Remy decides to obtain a marriage license on his own, he discovers he needs proof of his divorce, which he doesn’t have with him, and Kate’s stuck in Virginia in a freak snowstorm that may ground her plane until after the wedding is scheduled to take place.

As things continue to spiral out of his control, Remy doesn’t know whether to laugh at his troubles or cry with frustration. Will he and Lane get to say “I do” on an Hawaiian island beach? Or should they just throw in the towel and elope back in the courthouse in Virginia?

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December 17, 2014

Upcoming releases for December 21, 2014


And Good Will to All
By J.D. Walker

Christmas Orgy
By Eva Hore

Christmas Rush
By Barbara Sheridan

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
By J.T. Marie

Surprise Gifts
By Drew Hunt

December 16, 2014

Gift Wrapped by Eve Francis

Gift Wrapped by Eve Francis is now available in e-book format!

Jenny and her partner Norah have been together for over two years. On the surface, they have what looks to be the perfect arrangement. Jenny is a biology professor at the local university, while Norah still lives off her trust fund from her famous father and pens a popular blog. But the holiday season always manages to stress both women out.

When Jenny can't find the one gift she wanted for Norah, she finds her resolve and holiday spirit cracking. This was supposed to be a special Christmas for both of them in a new place with a new outlook on their lives together. Luckily, though, Norah has already planned ahead. Sensing Jenny's dilemma, Norah has prepared the perfect gift for Jenny to unwrap -- and then rewrap -- for the holiday season: herself.

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December 15, 2014

Christmas Spirit by Peter Melillo

Christmas Spirit by Peter Melillo is now available in e-book format!

When his house burns down on Christmas Eve, it's hard for the independent-minded Raymond to accept help, but he has no choice. Fortunately one of the firemen is an old friend, Dennis, now all grown up and handsome. And at the Fair Price motel he meets Gilbert. After a bumpy start, Raymond and Gilbert click and end up wrapping presents for damaged teens living in a group home.

Turns out, Dennis and Gilbert know each other, too, and they have another, more erotic Christmas tradition. Each year on Christmas Eve, they hook up, and Dennis has been wanting to add a third person to their tryst to prove his theory about experiencing other’s orgasms vicariously while in a three-way. Soon Raymond finds out it is as much a blessing to receive as it is to give.

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December 14, 2014

A Royal Holiday by Emery C. Walters

A Royal Holiday by Emery C. Walters is now available in e-book format!

Is a school fight ever a good thing? Can detention be a lot of fun? Is cleaning the cafeteria punishment or an adventure?

When the new student Sid defended took his breath away, made him feel brave, and changed his life, he knew he was going to pay for fighting at school when he got home, and he does. He remembers telling his little sister to dial 911, and now Daddy is hauled off to jail, and he wonders if his world is falling apart.

But Royal has walked into Sid’s life and his heart, so maybe the end is really just a new beginning.

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December 13, 2014

Snow for You by Francis Gideon

Snow for You by Francis Gideon is now available in e-book format!

For Ian Rogers, it isn’t really Christmas until it snows. When Ian is sent to Japan a week before the holidays, he takes the trip knowing he won't miss out on anything until the first snow falls. As he wanders the streets on Christmas Eve, avoiding calls from his wife and his loneliness, he meets popular chef, Blake Anders, outside a small Christmas display.

Blake is a smart, attractive man who is also away from home on Christmas while he opens a new restaurant. The two have dinner and discuss Christmas, Japanese customs, and their own holiday traditions, but talk soon turns to romance.

When Blake invites Ian back to his room, Ian is forced to make a decision about the double lives he's been leading. Does he want his fling with Blake to be something small that has no meaning, or can he gather the right amount of courage to change his life for the better this holiday season?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

December 10, 2014

Upcoming releases for December 14, 2014


A Royal Holiday
By Emery C. Walters

Christmas Spirit
By Peter Melillo

Gift Wrapped
By Eve Francis

Hawaiian Wedding
By J.M. Snyder

December 9, 2014

Rivals by Jeff Adams

Rivals by Jeff Adams is now available in e-book format!

Mitchell Turner and Alex Goodman squared off over a face-off dot throughout high school. Their schools were cross-country rivals. Those face-offs were tough on Mitchell because he harbored a huge crush on Alex. High school, and college, are behind the guys and they meet unexpectedly on Thanksgiving Day, once again on the ice. Mitchell is home for the holidays and is thrilled to see his crush all grown up.

Alex asks Mitchell out for coffee to catch up. Could this be the start of something magical for the holidays ... and beyond?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

December 8, 2014

Isle Be Home for Christmas by Michael P. Thomas

Isle Be Home for Christmas by Michael P. Thomas is now available in e-book format!

With no job and no boyfriend, Justin sees no reason to make a big deal out of Christmas this year, so he plunks down his severance pay on a cottage in the Caribbean and jets away for some Me Time. Not that he'd mind a little Us Time, you understand, but the handsome young islanders of his acquaintance are all friendly, fun, and straight as they come. He sure didn't leave San Diego looking for any middle-aged American gym jock, but when one washes up at his favorite local watering hole, Justin discovers there are worse ways to dance the night away. Too bad the sexy stranger is on a cruise and the next port is calling.

When he spies the ship still in port while he tends to his Christmas Eve hangover, Justin knows he must manage his expectations. Just because the ship's still here doesn't mean the guy will come ashore, and so what if they do cross paths again? Did they really connect as Justin thinks he remembers, or is that just the beer filling in the blanks? He invents an errand, throws on some clothes, and heads for the dock, figuring there's one way to find out.

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December 7, 2014

Batteries Not Included by J.L. Merrow

Batteries Not Included by J.L. Merrow is now available in e-book format!

How would you react if you woke up one morning to find you were in bed with your favorite rock star? More to the point: how would the rock star react?

Animal rescue worker Sam is content to dream of rock sensation Cain Shepney. Trouble is, his meddling mother Lillith thinks he deserves to have all his dreams come true -- and she isn’t above performing a little magic to achieve her ends! Sam’s shocked to wake up one morning to find himself actually in bed with his celebrity crush -- but that’s nothing to how Cain feels about it! Suddenly Sam’s got to deal with an irate, naked, and very distracting rock star in his bed.

Cain has it all -- he’s good-looking, famous, and adored by millions. But his life takes a turn for the surreal when he wakes up in bed with Sam. Expecting everyone to be worried sick by his disappearance, Cain’s horrified to find his manager -- and even his mum -- insisting he’s an imposter, and the real Cain Shepney is right where he belongs.

Sam just wants to help, but with Cain convinced he’s a crazed, celebrity-kidnapping stalker, Sam’s got his work cut out for him. Can he get the object of his affections to trust him long enough to find out just what the hell’s going on?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

December 4, 2014

Room for Dessert by Lynn Townsend

Room for Dessert by Lynn Townsend is now available in e-book format!

Sharon Gedes hasn't been the person she wanted to be for most of her life. She gave up the life of a writer, actress, and chose to settle in a small, southern town where she pretends to be someone she's not. Married, with four sons, she lives a life of quiet desperation, pretending to be straight, upright, and above all, normal.

When she spends a weekend in New York with her old girlfriend, Pilar, to ostensibly pitch her television script to an executive producer, Sharon discovers everything she's been missing, a sense of purpose, love, adventure ... and the woman she used to be.

Note: This story is included in the author’s anthology, Whetting the Appetite.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

December 3, 2014

Upcoming Releases for December 7, 2014


Batteries Not Included
By J.L. Merrow

Isle Be Home for Christmas
By Michael P. Thomas

By Jeff Adams

Snow for You
By Francis Gideon

Good Vibrations by Shawna Jeanne

Good Vibrations by Shawna Jeanne is now available in e-book format!

Kiersten has always been a fan of personal massagers, and her favorite is the PleasureWand 3000, a powerful vibe that plugs in the wall and brings instant release. Kiersten thinks she loves her wand more than she loves sex, and she can’t imagine why she’d need a real girlfriend with the buzzing beast in her bed.

But when her PleasureWand’s cord frays over time, almost blowing a fuse and threatening to electrocute her in the process, Kiersten finds herself in the market for a new toy. The wand isn’t cheap, and the website she buys it from takes her money and runs, leaving her out of cash and out of luck.

But a local sex toy shop called Amaryllis has the PleasureWand in stock, so Kiersten decides to swing by on her lunch break. She’s a little embarrassed to be seen in such a place, to be honest, but sexy owner Amy soon puts her at ease. She introduces Kiersten to her favorite vibe, a lightweight, waterproof, cordless wonder called the Genie 500, and she’s more than ready to give Kiersten a demo to prove her point.

Can Amy’s sales pitch change Kiersten’s mind? Will the Genie really make all her dreams come true?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

December 2, 2014

Double Crush by Sally Bosco

Double Crush by Sally Bosco is now available in e-book format!

What would you do if you inadvertently developed crushes on both a guy and a girl while working on a summer film shoot?

That’s what happens to seventeen-year-old Piper Handy. She’s new in town and sees a poster advertising a science fiction film that’s going to be in production in her small New England town. Though interested in filmmaking, Piper’s real intent is to make friends. She’s moved around a lot, but not by her own choice, so she’s happy when her nomadic father finally concedes to settle down.

During the shoot, she becomes friendly with both Mia and Evan, who will be going to her high school in the fall. What she doesn’t anticipate is that, as she’s dealing with one disaster after another during the shoot, she develops major crushes on both of them. When both are receptive to her attentions, she has a difficult decision to make.

Will she take the more accepted path and go out with Evan? Or will she follow her heart and begin a relationship with Mia? In the process of trying to decide, Piper comes to learn some surprising lessons about herself.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

December 1, 2014

Cowboy Sandwich Book 2: Second Helpings by Drew Hunt

Cowboy Sandwich Book 2: Second Helpings by Drew Hunt is now available in e-book format!

The men from the best-selling novel Cowboy Sandwich are back for a second helping of threesome loving and humor. When their mobile ranch game is nominated for several awards by a gaming magazine in London, Barry Logan, Jimmy Wilson, and Jake Pierce fly across the Atlantic to visit Barry’s family as well as attend the games convention and awards ceremony.

Driving on the wrong side of the road, paying a small fortune for gas, eating strange foods, and dealing with an unfamiliar temperature scale are just the start of Jimmy’s and Jake’s adventures. Tensions run high after the awards ceremony. Jimmy and Jake see how well-connected Barry is within the games industry and know they can’t offer him the sort of career and life a talented games developer deserves.

After their week-long visit to the UK, will they be flying back to the States as a threesome, strengthened by their trials, or will the relationship fracture under the strain of incompatibility?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

November 29, 2014

Two Loves by Jacob Campbell

Two Loves by Jacob Campbell is now available in e-book format!

Growing up, Joey has no gay role models. In the dim light of the early 1960s, Joey only knew what he picked up on the streets, at magazine stands, and in public restrooms. In his senior year in high school, he falls in love with Ross, a beautiful athletic “straight guy.” But once in college, his love life takes a turn.

Ike, a flamboyant college freshman, turns Joey on to gay sex and the newly formed gay lib movement. But things don’t go well for Joey, and he fumbles through a few one-night stands and semi-relationships. After nearly losing Ike to a gay bashing, Joey gives up on love and turns his motorcycle toward New Orleans and the French Quarter, where he moves in with his bohemian cousin, Judy.

Joey likes the gay scene in the Quarter but he is lonely, missing intimacy, and flails through life. The sexual nights in the French Quarter aren’t enough to satisfy his real needs -- but his resourceful cousin magically opens the door for him to have the best of both worlds.

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November 28, 2014

Pipe Dreams by J.M. Snyder

Pipe Dreams by J.M. Snyder is now available in e-book format!

When Paul Jacoby opens the door to plumber Ethan Randolph, Paul’s memories and libido are instantly reawakened. Paul lusted after the captain of the basketball team in high school, but he was too shy to do anything about his attraction to Ethan back then.

Can he pluck up the courage this time to make his yearnings for the hunky Ethan a reality, or will his pipes -- as well as his dreams -- remain blocked?

Note: This story appears in the author's anthology, Flashed!

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

November 27, 2014

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November 25, 2014

Most Wanted by Barbara Sheridan

Most Wanted by Barbara Sheridan is now available in e-book format!

Boston born and bred Tim Dwyer doesn't relish the thought of giving up Eastern comforts for life in the rough-and-tumble West. But when he finds himself with no job, little money, and no place else to go, he accepts a position at his cousin's weekly newspaper in the Indian Territory. When his cousin and new editor cook up a roving reporter assignment, Tim learns that spending a mere week in the life of U.S. Deputy Marshal Jon Sauvage won't ever be enough to satisfy his needs.

Choctaw lawman "Savage Jon" Sauvage has spent his entire adult life content with chasing wanted men and taking his pleasures wherever and however he can. But once he's roped into letting a big city reporter tag along with him on a manhunt, Jon soon suspects that Tim Dwyer might just capture his heart.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

November 24, 2014

Impatience Is a Virtue by Francis Gideon

Impatience Is a Virtue by Francis Gideon is now available in e-book format!

After Marshall gets a medical residency across the state and hours away from his boyfriend Jack, the two decide on a long-distance relationship. This arrangement works, more or less. Marshall isn’t the best with texting and his time is often scattered, but so is Jack’s when he’s working double-shifts at Target. When they connect over Skype and text messages, it’s good. And when they don’t, Jack finds other ways to keep their relationship interesting and the excitement present. But when Black Friday forces both to work hectic schedules and deal with impatient crowds, Jack wonders if spending Thanksgiving apart was really a good idea.

During Black Friday, Jack's coworkers amuse him with customer service horror stories, take selfies, and rewrite traditional holiday songs. As Marshall's text messages become less and less frequent, Jack wonders if the two of them will be able to wait out the three weeks and six days until they can see one another over Christmas break.

When everyone tells Jack “patience is a virtue,” he starts to see the faulty argument at its core. Being quiet has never gotten him anything in his life. Can he learn from these bossy customers how to voice his own desires and have Marshall home all to himself?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

November 23, 2014

Paul Alan Fahey on Getting Gertie Out

Q: Are we willing to go back into the closet as we age?

This is a question that I have to admit never entered my mind, at least not until recently. We’d come so far in terms of equality issues -- especially in these recent decades -- I couldn’t imagine even having to consider it.

About three months ago, I read a beautiful, heartfelt article by Marie Cartier about her ageing lesbian friend, Rae. The story truly opened my eyes about LGBT eldercare. And after more research, I knew I had to write Getting Gertie Out.

Gertie’s story, though fictional, isn’t so different from the personal stories I read online. Accounts by lesbians, gays, and transgender individuals, who after losing life partners, husbands or wives, often found themselves ill, alone, and at the mercy of an insensitive healthcare system, not to mention the wrath of other elderly residents.

What accounts for all this abuse, insensitivity, and lack of compassion?

  • Facility staff untrained in LGBT issues
  • Elderly residents still living in the twentieth century, a time when psychiatrists defined homosexuality as a mental illness; religious leaders condemned same sex attraction as against God’s laws and commandments; and law enforcement that made it a criminal offense to engage in homosexual acts
Getting Gertie Out is not a downer of a read. Far from it. It is one of hope and salvation.

As a married senior gay man, my purpose in writing Gertie’s story was twofold: I wanted to shed light on a subject one might not be aware of -- as I was in the beginning -- and to offer support to those LGBT communities working toward the goal of providing safe havens for their elderly seniors.

When writing a fictional story about an important subject, there’s a common fear that, unknowingly, the writer will trivialize the issues. Hopefully I haven’t.

I set out to create strong characters in Lanta, Bernadette, and Gertie -- folks I think you’ll identify with and root for. Please visit me at and let me know if I’ve succeeded. I love hearing from my readers.

Now back to my original question.

Q: Are we willing to go back into the closet as we age?

A: Hell, no!

Getting Gertie Out by Paul Alan Fahey

Getting Gertie Out by Paul Alan Fahey is now available in e-book format!

It’s summer vacation. Lanta Cross is sixteen and at odds with Bernadette, her adoptive mother. She’ll do anything to get away from home and out from under Bernadette’s considerable thumb.

Already working one part-time job at a local café, Lanta takes another at Saint Catherine’s Elder Care Facility. At first it appears her duties are something she can do blindfolded -- wheeling residents to and from activities, cleaning up their messes, and mainly staying out of the way of the LVNs and the administrator, Ms. Andrews. During her first week at the home, Lanta meets and befriends an elderly lesbian resident, Gertrude Weiss. They bond quickly.

Yet not everything is what it seems at St. Catherine’s.

When Gertrude’s journal full of her thoughts about her late partner goes missing, the abuse begins. Gertrude’s meals are late and cold. Her seemingly friendly roommate asks for a transfer to another room. As the harassment escalates, Gertrude’s physical and emotional health deteriorates.

Lanta and her mother must pool their resources and work as a team to save Gertrude’s life before it’s too late. Will they be in time?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

November 22, 2014

The Privateer's Cross by Alex Morgan

The Privateer's Cross by Alex Morgan is now available in e-book format!

Henry meets Cole in a spooky cemetery for a quick hook-up during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. During their encounter, Henry finds a beautiful object in a pile of dirt. They take it back to Henry’s hotel room and discover they have picked up an ancient and very valuable crucifix.

Suddenly, they find themselves haunted by the ghost of Jean Lafitte, a French pirate from the 19th Century who wants his treasure returned. Unfortunately there is nowhere to hide from a ghost, even among the thousands of people in town for the celebrations. If they don’t give it back, the ghost has a particularly cruel fate awaiting them. What will Henry and Cole do?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

November 19, 2014

Making It Pay by J.L. Merrow

Making It Pay by J.L. Merrow is now available in e-book format!

Sometimes you can’t see the silver lining for the clouds.

Abandoned as a baby and now working as a rent boy, Daniel finds it hard to let people get close to him. But nightclub bouncer Rob has a kind face and he’s helped Daniel out once already, so when he catches Daniel on a bad night, Daniel accepts his offer of money and goes home with him.

Even though it breaks his heart.

Letting Rob pay him for sex may have wrecked their friendship just when Daniel needs all the friends he can get. But there are more reasons why he hasn’t seen Rob since that night -- and one in particular that makes building a relationship seem almost too much to hope for.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

Upcoming Releases for November 23, 2014


Getting Gertie Out
By Paul Alan Fahey

Impatience Is a Virtue
By Francis Gideon

Most Wanted
By Barbara Sheridan

Pipe Dreams
By J.M. Snyder

Two Loves
By Jacob Campbell