December 2, 2014

Double Crush by Sally Bosco

Double Crush by Sally Bosco is now available in e-book format!

What would you do if you inadvertently developed crushes on both a guy and a girl while working on a summer film shoot?

That’s what happens to seventeen-year-old Piper Handy. She’s new in town and sees a poster advertising a science fiction film that’s going to be in production in her small New England town. Though interested in filmmaking, Piper’s real intent is to make friends. She’s moved around a lot, but not by her own choice, so she’s happy when her nomadic father finally concedes to settle down.

During the shoot, she becomes friendly with both Mia and Evan, who will be going to her high school in the fall. What she doesn’t anticipate is that, as she’s dealing with one disaster after another during the shoot, she develops major crushes on both of them. When both are receptive to her attentions, she has a difficult decision to make.

Will she take the more accepted path and go out with Evan? Or will she follow her heart and begin a relationship with Mia? In the process of trying to decide, Piper comes to learn some surprising lessons about herself.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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