September 29, 2014

Metal and Dust Book 2: Ty's Trick by Eve Francis

Metal and Dust Book 2: Ty's Trick by Eve Francis is now available in e-book format!

Tycoon Wind has lived as a hacker on The Government's surveillance facility, Sector 17, since she was twelve years old. The entire time, stories have ruled her life. As The Government's librarian, she has been in charge of surveying what the people read and deleting the dangerous stories if necessary. But Ty has realized over the years that merely deleting something from the database does not fully make it disappear. Using her mother's recipe for ink, she has been writing down the stories she's been forced to delete, along with her personal stories about her mother, her life in the compound, and anything else she can remember late at night.

Soon, Ty meets Mace, another young soldier forced to live and abide by The Government’s strict rules and constant surveillance. At night, they carry on a relationship that would make the love stories Ty writes out pale in comparison.

For a long time, Ty believes her secret writing and smuggling of the stories outside of the compound is enough. But when another hacker, Riley Hurwitz, escapes without a trace, Ty begins to take back her own life and makes plans to escape. With the help of Mace, Ty finally writes the last line she has always wanted to see for herself: happily ever after.

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September 28, 2014

Cupid's Creams by Logan Zachary

Cupid's Creams by Logan Zachary is now available in e-book format!

As Cupid’s arrow finds its mark,
A true love will rise from the dark.
Delicious goodness filled with sweet creams,
Will deliver to you the man of your dreams.

An excerpt from his family recipe book leads baker Michael Hartsell to make Cupid's Creams for a Valentine's Day special. Little does he know what power these delicious treats will hold when his high school crush, ex-quarterback Josh Davidson, walks in to buy some treats for his nephew Lucky to give to school teachers and friends for the holiday.

Michael lets them both taste and Lucky decides on the new recipe. Josh orders some Cupid’s Creams and invites Michael for drinks and dinner that evening. What magic will these powerful little bursts of sugar contain? Will cupid's arrow find its mark?

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September 24, 2014

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Cupid's Creams
By Logan Zachary

Metal and Dust Book 2: Ty's Trick
By Eve Francis

By Paul Alan Fahey

By J.M. Snyder

September 23, 2014

Wading in Neptune's Pool by J.D. Walker

Wading in Neptune's Pool by J.D. Walker is now available in e-book format!

Summer is the start of the busy season for Neptune's Pool Service, owned by Pete Crawford. A new client, Corey Brennerman, captures Pete’s interest, if only because he seems attached to his cell phone 24/7. Corey is a serious workaholic. Pete remembers when he used to be like that, and he wishes he could do something about it.

Pete comes to Corey’s aid in a grocery store parking lot one evening and helps him catch the punk who tries to steal his cell phone. As a result, their relationship moves from that of client/hired help to cautious friends. When a Fourth of July party leads to a tryst, Pete is running scared because he thinks Corey is too stressed and vulnerable to handle anything serious right now. But Corey confronts him, and they work things out -- in the pool, naturally.

A death in the family brings them even closer together. Can Corey make some positive changes in his life? Could the relationship they’ve begun to build become something that might last forever?

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September 22, 2014

Possessing Gladys by Cheryl Jimmerson

Possessing Gladys by Cheryl Jimmerson is now available in e-book format!

Cherie is twenty-four, and has been on her own since she was sixteen. Fearing emotional attachments, she lives for the fleeting encounters at the lesbian night club, The Grove. She makes a point of never leaving with the women she meets there, and ignores the curious straight women who drop in. But things change when she meets straight, fifty-two-year-old, divorced, Gladys. Cherie is quickly drawn to the older woman, and when Gladys invites her home, the two quickly find themselves in an obsessive relationship in which deep, emotional wounds are healed and sexual needs met.

After months of living together, their bond seems unbreakable until Gladys’ handsome son Tommy comes home from college during summer break. Wanting to keep her relationship with Cherie a secret, Gladys forces her lover to act as a tenant during her son’s visit. Tommy is instantly attracted to Cherie and pursues her.

The deception soon puts a strain on the couple. To punish Gladys for keeping their relationship in the closet, Cherie agrees to go out with Tommy, making her relationship with Gladys more unstable. What will happen when Tommy wants more from Cherie? Will Gladys be able to maintain her carefully concocted lie?

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September 21, 2014

A Hitch in Time by Emery C. Walters

A Hitch in Time by Emery C. Walters is now available in e-book format!

Shane’s parents drop him off at the train station with money and instructions to take the train to his Aunt Sophie’s place for the holidays. The minute they drive off, he walks out again, leans against a pole, and throws out his thumb.

Having just turned eighteen, he is, as he regularly reminds himself, now a fully legal adult and quite capable of having his own adventure.

In the few days and nights it takes him to hitchhike all the way, he gets to know some very interesting people. Hippies, conmen, an ex-teacher ... and also the dog Jimmy. He learns there are more to people than meets the eye, and the world is rather bigger than his cosseted upbringing led him to believe.

By the time he arrives at Aunt Sophie’s place, he has lost his virginity, acquired a dog and a cousin, and has the pleasing probability of a sweet summer romance to look forward to.

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September 17, 2014

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A Hitch in Time
By Emery C. Walters

Possessing Gladys
By Cheryl Jimmerson

Wading in Neptune's Pool
By J.D. Walker

September 16, 2014

Off Season by R.W. Clinger

Off Season by R.W. Clinger is now available in e-book format!

Two years after the death of football legend Thad Force, his lover Jay Falcon opens Holly Kill Cottage on Pennesco Island, Lake Erie. When the guests begin to arrive for the extended Fourth of July weekend to pay homage to Thad, trouble follows.

Saul Mellow is an alcoholic and has anger management issues. He's also bitter over the ending of his football playing career. Tom Klayson, Saul's lover, is tender and weak, and a frequent victim of Saul’s rage. He fears he may not survive the weekend alive. Bernie Cavanaugh is writing Saul’s biography, Off Season. Bernie's adorable, sweet, and not at all like Thad. So why does Jay have a sexual attraction to the man? Ex-actress Gillian Shank is sassy and curt. Jay loathes her, but she was a loyal friend to Thad. Will they ever be able to put aside their differences and get along?

The weekend is full of surprises -- a visitation from Thad’s ghost, a thunderstorm resulting in a power outage, the discovery of a secret cemetery, amateur football games played on the lawn, streaking, and an abundance of alcohol. Can Thad’s friends pay homage to his memory and celebrate his life without destroying their own relationships in the process?

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September 15, 2014

Giving Up My Room by Eva Hore

Giving Up My Room by Eva Hore is now available in e-book format!

At eighteen, Shawna hasn't come out to her family as a lesbian. It’s a secret she isn’t ready to reveal, but when her mother's sexy coworker comes to visit with husband in tow, Shawna can't take her eyes off the woman.

After a night of playing spy, with her digital camera in hand, Shawna takes a bold chance. When Sarah's husband leaves for a few days, Shawna acts on her desires -- with unexpected, but very pleasant, results.

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September 14, 2014

Changelings by Wayne Mansfield

Changelings by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

Jacob is a photographer and artist. One day, as he is walking through the woods, he catches a glimpse of a fairy, a tiny, flying human-shaped creature.

He knows no one will believe him, not even his lover Robert, so the following day Jacob ventures back into the woods whereupon he discovers more than he bargains for. An old oak lying across the rushing waters of a small river is the gateway to another world.

Fairy Land is a place of wonders where he meets Kellen, a fairy soldier, Faena, a vain beauty, and King Utrin. Jacob is eager to return home to Robert, but the fairy king gives Jacob a task he must complete before they will show him the way back. He must break the energy barrier between Fairy Land and the Demon Realm for the fairy soldiers to pass through.

In the realm of the Demons, Jacob meets Xavier, from whom he discovers what the fairies have been hiding from him -- time passes differently in these realms than on earth. Devastated, far away in both time and distance from his home and beloved Robert, what is the twist that returns the smile to Jacob’s face? The surprise that brings the joy back to his now miserable existence?

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September 10, 2014

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By Wayne Mansfield

Giving Up My Room
By Eva Hore

Off Season
By R.W. Clinger

September 9, 2014

With These Wings by Drew Hunt

With These Wings by Drew Hunt is now available in e-book format!

It was just another routine flight from Hong Kong to Manchester for Flight attendant Nigel Grimond until he spied sexy bodybuilder Phil Wilson crammed in seat 12E. Upgrading Phil to business class, Nigel spent as much time as possible talking with the man as well as admiring his muscles and his eagle tattoo.

As a thank you for the upgrade, Phil asks Nigel out to dinner at a village pub. Pessimistic at his chances of scoring with such a hunk, Nigel’s hopes are lifted by his psychic friend Tracy who is convinced this is Nigel’s big chance at finding love.

Nigel waits at the pub for Phil, who is running late. Through a series of text messages, Phil assures Nigel he won’t be long. But after two hours of waiting, Nigel goes home alone.

Phil begs for a second chance, so Nigel is back at the pub the next night, but the excellent food and friendly bar staff will be little consolation if Nigel is stood up a second time.

What if Phil doesn’t show? Why is Tracy so insistent that all signs point to love? Shouldn’t Nigel just go home, get drunk, and forget all about strong muscles and tattooed eagle wings?

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September 8, 2014

Peace of Mind by Francis Gideon

Peace of Mind by Francis Gideon is now available in e-book format!

Their relationship starts out slowly. Adam Bennett, a former police officer in Philadelphia, quit to take a teaching position at a local college when he gets into a car crash that leaves him using a cane. Just when he thinks no one will want him, Matthew, a stripper who also does odd repair jobs, meets Adam at his therapy group.

After several awkward conversations around bad coffee, the two begin seeing one another. Adam finally allows himself to be happy and accept the fact that someone as attractive and sweet as Matthew wants someone ten years older and with a disability. A few dates turn into years together, with the men sharing Adam's small house in rural Pennsylvania with their dog, Piper.

Everything seems perfect in their relationship, and Adam knows it is. But he still can't help tossing and turning some nights when Matthew is away at another gig. He waits up for his boyfriend to ease some stress ... and maybe to request an encore performance of Matthew’s famous show.

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September 7, 2014

Masks: Ordinary Champions by Hayden Thorne

Masks: Ordinary Champions by Hayden Thorne is now available in e-book format!

Book 3 of the Masks series follows Eric’s adventures as a newly-transformed supervillain sidekick. Taking advantage of Eric’s relationship with Peter, the Devil’s Trill uses him for a shield against the superheroes. In the meantime, new villains and a new, covert vigilante-like group appear, with a young hero with chameleon powers attempting to infiltrate the Trill’s hideout and help Eric.

Eric struggles with his conscience and schemes to turn the tables on the Trill, but his powers deteriorate. He grows more and more unstable and unsafe while the Trill’s henchmen appear to grow stronger and stronger, as though they were also subjected to the same manipulation that’s been used on Eric. As the Trill fights both the heroes and tries to assert his dominance over the new villains, Eric realizes that he doesn’t have much time left to set things right on his own, even if it costs him his life.

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September 3, 2014

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Masks: Ordinary Champions
By Hayden Thorne

Peace of Mind
By Frances Gideon

With These Wings
By Drew Hunt

September 2, 2014

The Glass-House Murder by T. Neilson

The Glass-House Murder by T. Neilson is now available in e-book format!

Meet Lord Henry Carlisle: gentleman, wastrel, and mystery-novel lover.

When his mother telephones him on a May evening to tell him they've just discovered a body in the glass-house, Hal does what he loves to do: he goes to investigate. As it happens, the local constabulary, headed by an unusually well-spoken, well-educated fellow named Sayers, is already on the case, and Sayers is a bit of a mystery all on his own.

When the constabulary finally identifies the victim in the glass-house, Hal realizes this is not just an academic exercise in logic and justice; it's a personal and family matter.

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September 1, 2014

Red Curry Summer by Jacob Campbell

Red Curry Summer by Jacob Campbell is now available in e-book format!

Joey Melancon is a young social worker at a mental health center. His days are clinical routine and his weekends are monotonous -- a bottle of scotch and boring sex with a dumpy co-worker. He’s desperately lonely and wants real love in his life.

Curry Deigrepont is a hot redhead doing a summer internship at the mental health center where Joey works. Curry kicks things off by leaving a note for Joey which invites lots of sexual curiosity. When they hook up, Joey begins to hope for a future together, but Curry has other plans.

Can what they have found together turn into lasting love? Or will their red hot summer fizzle out when Curry’s internship ends?

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