September 22, 2014

Possessing Gladys by Cheryl Jimmerson

Possessing Gladys by Cheryl Jimmerson is now available in e-book format!

Cherie is twenty-four, and has been on her own since she was sixteen. Fearing emotional attachments, she lives for the fleeting encounters at the lesbian night club, The Grove. She makes a point of never leaving with the women she meets there, and ignores the curious straight women who drop in. But things change when she meets straight, fifty-two-year-old, divorced, Gladys. Cherie is quickly drawn to the older woman, and when Gladys invites her home, the two quickly find themselves in an obsessive relationship in which deep, emotional wounds are healed and sexual needs met.

After months of living together, their bond seems unbreakable until Gladys’ handsome son Tommy comes home from college during summer break. Wanting to keep her relationship with Cherie a secret, Gladys forces her lover to act as a tenant during her son’s visit. Tommy is instantly attracted to Cherie and pursues her.

The deception soon puts a strain on the couple. To punish Gladys for keeping their relationship in the closet, Cherie agrees to go out with Tommy, making her relationship with Gladys more unstable. What will happen when Tommy wants more from Cherie? Will Gladys be able to maintain her carefully concocted lie?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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