September 29, 2014

Metal and Dust Book 2: Ty's Trick by Eve Francis

Metal and Dust Book 2: Ty's Trick by Eve Francis is now available in e-book format!

Tycoon Wind has lived as a hacker on The Government's surveillance facility, Sector 17, since she was twelve years old. The entire time, stories have ruled her life. As The Government's librarian, she has been in charge of surveying what the people read and deleting the dangerous stories if necessary. But Ty has realized over the years that merely deleting something from the database does not fully make it disappear. Using her mother's recipe for ink, she has been writing down the stories she's been forced to delete, along with her personal stories about her mother, her life in the compound, and anything else she can remember late at night.

Soon, Ty meets Mace, another young soldier forced to live and abide by The Government’s strict rules and constant surveillance. At night, they carry on a relationship that would make the love stories Ty writes out pale in comparison.

For a long time, Ty believes her secret writing and smuggling of the stories outside of the compound is enough. But when another hacker, Riley Hurwitz, escapes without a trace, Ty begins to take back her own life and makes plans to escape. With the help of Mace, Ty finally writes the last line she has always wanted to see for herself: happily ever after.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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