September 9, 2014

With These Wings by Drew Hunt

With These Wings by Drew Hunt is now available in e-book format!

It was just another routine flight from Hong Kong to Manchester for Flight attendant Nigel Grimond until he spied sexy bodybuilder Phil Wilson crammed in seat 12E. Upgrading Phil to business class, Nigel spent as much time as possible talking with the man as well as admiring his muscles and his eagle tattoo.

As a thank you for the upgrade, Phil asks Nigel out to dinner at a village pub. Pessimistic at his chances of scoring with such a hunk, Nigel’s hopes are lifted by his psychic friend Tracy who is convinced this is Nigel’s big chance at finding love.

Nigel waits at the pub for Phil, who is running late. Through a series of text messages, Phil assures Nigel he won’t be long. But after two hours of waiting, Nigel goes home alone.

Phil begs for a second chance, so Nigel is back at the pub the next night, but the excellent food and friendly bar staff will be little consolation if Nigel is stood up a second time.

What if Phil doesn’t show? Why is Tracy so insistent that all signs point to love? Shouldn’t Nigel just go home, get drunk, and forget all about strong muscles and tattooed eagle wings?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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