May 8, 2016

FREE TODAY on Kindle! The Hippie Whisperer by J.D. Walker!

The Hippie Whisperer by J.D. Walker is available ONLY on Kindle!


Carl Neilson’s life is centered around his college-aged son, Chester, who is home for the summer. At forty-seven years old, Carl is content with his thinning shoulder length hair, bushy sideburns and Hawaiian shirts, much to Chester’s dismay. Chester sets up a blind date for his dad with artist Benjamin ‘Ben’ Brooker.

Their first meeting is a disaster. Carl is horrified by the flamboyant and very opinionated Ben -- a man whose hair reminds him of a patriotic skunk with its red, white, and blue stripes -- and who manages to call into question all the things about himself that Carl holds dear.

It takes Carl a while to admit that there are changes he needs to make, especially to stop using his son as a crutch. With the help of plain-speaking Ben, Carl gets a haircut -- thank God -- and takes a few fumbling steps toward something new.

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