June 10, 2012

Letters from the Sky by Tamer Lorika

TITLE: Letters from the Sky
AUTHOR: Tamer Lorika

GENRE: Fantasy • Fiction • Lesbian • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 50,202 words
PRICE: $4.99

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Jeanne is now in her eighth year of school, and never has the world seemed more strange. Her little town grows greyer and greyer, and every day the radio tells news of a war just far enough away, it doesn’t matter to her.


What does matter are immediate things: her friends, her family, and a magical guardian named Jericho who visits while she sleeps. Jericho’s love for her seems so perfect as to be impossible. But when Jericho disappears for weeks at a time, Jeanne isn’t sure she can continue to believe her guardian is real any longer.

As Jeanne’s relationship with Jericho deepens, can she continue to believe in her guardian? Can Jericho’s love protect her in the midst of impending war? Or does Jericho even exist at all?

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