February 8, 2012

Guardian Spirits by Helen Ayim

TITLE: Guardian Spirits
AUTHOR: Helen Ayim

GENRE: Contemporary • Fantasy • Fiction • Paranormal • Young Adult
LENGTH: 2,461 words
PRICE: $1.99

PURCHASE EBOOK URL: http://jms.bz/57

Robbie’s job at the library gets a little bit more interesting when a dangerous-looking stranger comes in and asks for a book the library doesn’t stock. Undaunted, the stranger settles down to wait.

The stranger returns the next night, and the night after. Finally one evening an elderly patron returns the book.

Before the stranger can claim the book, a rival appears. She, too, wants it, and she isn't about to let it go without a fight.

Who are these people? And what's so special about this book that they'll fight to the death to own it?

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