January 28, 2013

Joann Lee on Broken Star

Guest post by Joann Lee

When you live in a town such as mine one quickly seeks out other modes of entertainment. I grew up with a passion for reading. I remember I used to obsess over the new Nancy Drew books when they were released. My peers looked at me as if I were crazy. Of course at that time I was living in the proverbial closet. I'm not even sure I realized what that meant as a teenager. Living in a small southern town can certainly have its disadvantages when it comes to being knowledgeable about life outside a farming community.

I had a written RPG with my best friend. Even though she and I have never met in real life, we've grown close over the years online. It was through the RPG we ran together that I finally came to admit who I was. I'll never forget when I decided to write my first lesbian storyline. I was terrified because I wasn't sure how she would react when I posted it. I was pleasantly surprised. I was literally shaking when I typed the first kiss between my characters back then! Talk about a bad case of nerves. It's amazing how things change over the years.

In a way I feel that writing saved my life. If I had of remained silent, hidden away without admitting who I was, I don't know where I would be right now. I've always had a love of writing but that incidence strengthened it. Writing a lesbian storyline also helped me to be able to come out with family and friends. It was liberating just to be able to get the words out. I no longer hide who I am anymore. That was years ago. Although, sometimes it truly does seem like it was only yesterday.

The idea for Broken Star came to me one day while watching one of my favorite movies, Serendipity. I've always loved stories and movies that revolved around a seemingly random meeting of the lead characters. The ladies in Broken Star are complete polar opposites in a lot of ways. Lynn is sort of a drama queen whereas Alexis would be content to avoid it. They live in two different worlds but on a random summer's night, their two worlds collide and that is only the beginning. Broken Star is my first published novel and I hope that you will enjoy reading their story as much as I loved writing it.

Joann Lee

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