January 22, 2013

Muscled Shower Show by Wayne Mansfield

Muscled Shower Show by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

Swimming is the perfect, low-impact choice for a whole body workout. The rewards aren’t only a swimmer’s body -- a perfect V-shaped torso, muscular shoulders, and zero body fat -- but also the cavalcade of other sculpted bodies you can admire as they climb out of the pool.

In the changing rooms, you can admire perfect male bodies unobstructed by swimsuits. Clean lines, sculpted muscles, cocks hanging free. Proud men stroll naked to and from the showers, drying themselves openly for all to see.

In the showers themselves, beneath the warm rush of water, you can watch other men washing their hair, torsos, and parts further down. You might even catch the odd furtive glance, the slight increase in the size of a nearby dick to betray someone’s best attempt to look as if he isn’t fascinated by the naked bodies surrounding him.

Occasionally, you might see more than you could have expected or hoped to see. Much more.

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