January 8, 2013

Guest post by Richard Fazio

Guest post by Richard Fazio

Life has changed for a San Francisco lab technician and his gay son when aliens land on Earth, inadvertently provide mankind with rare gifts, and attempt to satisfy their own curiosity about the human race.

With all the recent apocalyptic predictions, and justified concerns about global warming and depletion of natural resources, I wanted to show how an otherworldly event could have a positive effect on a planetary scale. Though I've written other alien visitation scenarios, I thought I'd make this one different by putting a contemporary spin on the sort of tales that had emerged from the Golden Age of Science Fiction, which were prevalent during my childhood; whatever they lacked in plot development or verisimilitude they made up for with a sense of wonder. From a LGBT standpoint, I felt compelled to depict the impact of HIV transmission in the most human way possible, without relying on tropes or emotional manipulation. I hope I succeeded.

I am a San Francisco writer whose debut novel The Nexus was also published by JMS Books LLC in 2010; this was followed by a novelette, Dreaming Sparta, in 2011 and a short story, Saving Face, in 2012.

Richard Fazio

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