January 14, 2013

Paul Alan Fahey on Bomber's Moon

Guest post by Paul Alan Fahey ...

My novella, Bomber's Moon, came about because of my interest in the London Blitz that began early in childhood. In the 1950's, my mother worked in an upscale dress shop and one of her customers was a lovely Englishwoman who had lived through this terrifying time. I remember sitting at the breakfast table while Mother related to me this woman's stories of death, courage and the survival of the human spirit. I was completely fascinated by every detail.

Years later, when I began writing short stories and novellas, I knew one day I'd return to this interesting period in history.

Bomber's Moon is a M/M wartime romance set within the mystery/thriller genre. I knew in the writing I wanted to explore several questions: What was it like to be gay in wartime London? Was post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a way to explain behavior-how people lived under such unimaginable conditions and somehow survived the terrors of the Blitz? These and other questions guided the character development and plot elements and led me to the main theme of the story: Following one's heart leads to happiness. (In addition, the themes of light, darkness and shadow play a part in the book and color setting and character mood.) I hope you'll like the main characters, Leslie, Caroline, and Robert) and enjoy their journey in Bomber's Moon. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a sequel: Weep Not for the Past. For more information about me, my writing and what's coming up next, please visit my website.

Paul Alan Fahey

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