December 30, 2012

Vincent Diamond on Deep Trouble Undercover

Guest post by Vincent Diamond ...

Deep Trouble Undercover was my first fiction sale, way back when teradactyls flew the sky ... Yeah, pre-Internet, man. I think I sent out a hard copy of that one to Alyson Publications, probably their LA office, and got an email months and months later that it was accepted for Best Gay Love Stories 2005. In fact, it was so long between submission and acceptance, I'd actually re-submitted the story to another anthology, and I had to scramble through my submissions log to make sure I could pull it. I did, and it was the start of my short story sales. Even eight years ago, print was still king, and having that solid credit for the anthology made my cover letters for other submissions much, much stronger.

Steven and Conrad would not shut up. They just wouldn't. What started as a one-off grew into a mini-series of stories, seven or eight all together I think, as I thought about how their relationship could develop, and I had great fun setting their stories in Tampa where I was working at the time. I still get fan letters about that series, and it's warming to know that other folks relate to the two characters and wonder how it all turned out.

I have an idea about that actually... Heh heh heh.

Deep Trouble Undercover is free today; grab one!

Vincent Diamond

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