December 20, 2012

Richard Fazio on Dreaming Sparta

Guest post by Richard Fazio ...

Blurb for Dreaming Sparta:

Demetrios is training to become a Spartan soldier but finds himself depressed over the temporary loss of his mentor, Andreas, to the devious Lysandra. Yet, Demetrios is determined to do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship with Andreas regardless of what's expected by Spartan society. Meanwhile, in present day New York, Andrew's father threatens him with eviction due to his sexual orientation. In his search for a solution, Andrew stumbles into ancient Greece through a dream portal and meets Demetrios. Their subsequent encounters provide them each with the incentive to confront their respective situations.

"Dreaming Sparta is a story of self-awakening through the power of dreams; its message is one of acceptance and embracing love, which is a message that's always relevant, no matter the time or place. There is no question that Richard Fazio has a talent for language and expression; the passages from Chaos and Dreamweaver were a thing of beauty and the narrative was a pleasure to read." -- Top 2 Bottom Reviews

You can download it for FREE for today only: Dreaming Sparta.

Richard Fazio

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