December 24, 2012

Jennifer Cierra on Melting Wax and Burning Feathers

Guest Post by Jennifer Cierra ...

Jessewave's review of Melting Wax and Burning Feathers reads, "This short piece packs a wallop, mixing as it does broken dreams and dreams yet to be realized. Gregory, who has put aside aspirations of stardom for safety and dullness, encounters a musician playing for tips who stirs up many longings. Gregory is a tax attorney with broken dreams. Paul has come to California to find his own stardom, he's ready to fly up and touch the sun. Gregory flew at the sun once, with Carl, his lover, who had his own dreams of flight that died in an overdose... But when Gregory manages to find his spirit and his wings, and put aside some of his worst baggage, there is the glorious prospect of what he and Paul could be together. The author hasn't pushed for too much here, and it's lovely."

Gregory Daniels is a man who has given up. Once he dreamed of going to L.A. and "making it big," but those dreams exploded, leaving his lover dead and Gregory disillusioned. Now he works 9-to-5 as a tax attorney in Long Beach, California, trying to convince himself a weekly paycheck is enough to make up for a job he hates and dinner alone every night.

Then Gregory notices a talented, beautiful young guitarist playing on the museum steps on his way to work, and he begins to wonder whether he hasn't sacrificed more than he's gained in favor of predictability and routine. An opportunity beckons; the only question is whether Gregory trusts himself enough to reach out and take it.

You can download it for FREE for today only: Melting Wax and Burning Feathers. I hope you'll drop by and pick up a copy! Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Jennifer Cierra

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