December 3, 2012

Drew Hunt on Colin and Martin

Guest post by Drew Hunt ...

A few years ago I thought I’d try and do something different with the age-old finding love at Christmas type of story. Martin Kellam is blind and lives alone save for his guide dog. Christmas is rapidly approaching and Martin isn’t relishing the thought of spending it by himself.

Londoner Colin Rogers delivers Martin’s groceries every week and enjoys the brief times he spends with Martin, marvelling at how well the man copes with his disability.

Colin tells Martin he will spend the day avoiding his housemate and the housemate’s amorous girlfriend. So, before he can chicken out, Martin offers to cook Christmas dinner for the two of them.

Food isn’t the only thing they share.

Like Martin, I am legally blind. I got the idea for the story from my dealings with the Staples delivery guy. He had such a dreamy London accent. I ordered way more stationery than I needed, just so I could talk to the man for a couple of minutes on my doorstep. Eventually the man changed routes, got another job or something, so I ceased my purchases. That was about six years ago and I’m still using up all those envelopes, boxes of paper, and packets of plastic wallets.

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Drew Hunt

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