December 23, 2012

UK Meet Acquisitions Team on Lashings of Sauce

Guest post by UK Meet Acquisitions Team ...


It's what we Brits love. Maybe it's tomato on our chips, or HP on our sausages. It could be strawberry or chocolate on ice cream. Best of all, it's caramel or custard on our sticky toffee pudding.

We love other sorts of sauce, though. The sort you get on seaside postcards, some of them now recognised as classic art, like the works of Donald McGill. There's a distinct difference between sauce and smut, for example fans of the Carry On films would say the earlier films are saucy, the later smutty. Sauce is never explicit or gratuitous, relying instead on double entendre and innuendo(which isn't and Italian suppository).

Some might say that this sort of humour is all in the mind. When the fat man on that postcard says he can't see his little Willy, he's clearly looking for the little boy who's playing in the sand. It's only your dirty mind which reads it as anything else. Isn't it?

But then English -- or British English, should we say -- is a funny old language. Like the Inuit have many different words for snow, we Brits seem to have loads of terms for types of rain (naturally) and many for humour. Sauce, smut, blue, schoolboy, adult, post-modern, etc. Maybe it's because we're a race who appreciate a good laugh, often at our own expense. Self deprecating - there's another one!

It's the same with the word "lashings". You might look at it and think "whips!" but we Brits think of generous quantities, full to overflowing. Lashings of ginger beer, what?

So Lashings of Sauce means loads of fun. Why not indulge yourself, while it's free?

You can download it for FREE for today only: Lashings of Sauce.

Charlie Cochrane for the UK Meet Acquisitions Team

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