December 21, 2012

Paul Alan Fahey on When the Right One Comes Along

Guest post by Paul Alan Fahey ...

I never thought I'd write about those early days of the AIDS epidemic, but I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I knew one day I would. My novella, When the Right One Comes Along is semi-autobiographical in the sense that I lived through those horrific times in the early to mid 1980's, and I did have a best friend like Jonathan in the story who was one of the first AIDS patients in Santa Cruz, California. Rather than dwell on the medical aspects of the disease, including the absolute helplessness we felt at the time, I decided to frame the story as one of a journey-the search through a lifetime to find a true soul mate.

As I began to fictionalize the progression of men in the main character, Philip Noland's life, I was able to distance myself to a degree from my own traumatic memories, and when it was comfortable and safe, zoom in on the emotions I experienced at the time. To tell too much, I think, would ruin the little surprises-the twists and turns that happen along the way-so I'll keep this introduction short.

I've received some good reviews for the book from Brief Encounters Reviews, The Novel Approach, and Two Lips Reviews. I hope you enjoy the trip.

You can download it for FREE for today only: When the Right One Comes Along.

Paul Alan Fahey

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