December 9, 2012

Terry O'Reilly on Being a Cowboy

Guest post by Terry O'Reilly ...

I am a gay man, I love cowboys, and I love to write romance stories. So it just seemed natural for me to write romantic stories about cowboys -- gay cowboys.

Being that I am a cowboy of sorts myself -- if owning and showing a quarter horse and wearing cowboy duds counts -- I have a base of personal experiences on which to draw whenever an idea for a cowboy story comes my way, which is pretty often. So it was when inspiration hit for Stallions & Studs: Shoulda Been a Cowboy.

As the writing commenced and I decided to set the story at a gay dude ranch, my friend and mentor Drew Hunt pointed out that a dude ranch would have a lot of people passing through its gates, plus permanent members of staff. Therefore, there’d be plenty of opportunities for side-stories. So the Stallions and Studs series was conceived.

Stallions & Studs: Shoulda Been a Cowboy is the first story and focuses on Charlie Bradley a tenderfoot with a cowboy fetish, who persuades his boyfriend to go on vacation to a gay dude ranch. While there Charlie finds reason to break up with his boyfriend and meets handsome and studly riding instructor Wade Connors.

The second story, Stallions & Studs: Back in the Saddle Again, is a prequel and centers around Mack MacIntyre and Seth Buchanan. Both men had been lovers before time, distance and societal pressures pulled them apart. They have a second chance and decide to go into business together and open Stallions and Studs.

A third book, Stallions & Studs: Rodeo Cowboy, is currently being written and should be available sometime about the middle of next year.

How many Stallions and Studs stories will there be? That depends on the unpredictable and capricious muse. You can never tell what those ladies are up to. But I’m enjoying the vicarious life of a cowboy while writing about them.

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Terry O'Reilly

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