July 9, 2015

Tinnean on Greater Love Hath No Man

Greater Love Hath No Man, the third book I've published with JMS Books, is the story of James Trevalyan, the son of Lord and Lady Pennington and takes place in Great Britain between the years of 1948-1977.

If you've ever seen the Ernst Lubitsch movie, Cluny Brown, you may remember the conversation the male lead has with Cluny, where he tells her the murder victim in the mystery he plans to write will be a rich man. "Oh yes," she replies, "there's no use murdering a poor man."

Confession time: I pretty much feel the same way. For the most part, my characters are, if not well-to-do, then comfortable. With so much going on in their lives, the last thing they need to worry about is where their next meal is coming from.

Oddly enough, that's exactly how Greater Love Hath No Man begins. James Trevalyan, has eloped at the age of eighteen, and when given the ultimatum by his parents of ending the marriage or being cut off financially, he chooses the latter. He and his sixteen-year-old American bride learn how quickly love can fly out the window when poverty comes a-knocking at the door.

After Barbara, his wife, returns to the States, she obtains a divorce in Reno. Lord Pennington reinstates James's allowance, and he's able to give up the poor-paying job he'd been forced to obtain to extend the funds a great uncle had left him and go to university. While there, he meets Jeremy Waters, and realizes his second chance at love has arrived. For thirteen years they live together, quite comfortably. They're so good at their jobs -- James collects the intelligence that Jeremy analyzes -- that they're given numerous bonuses for jobs well done and are able to purchase a house in Chelsea.

But even wealthy people have problems. James lost his wife to a divorce her father insisted on, and he loses Jeremy to a fanatical bigot. In order to protect his heart, James keeps himself aloof from everyone except his beloved son Jamie. (You can get a divorce, but that won't stop the fruits of your marriage bed from being born.) And then J Tanner is recruited to his squad, and James finds himself wondering if he wants to protect his heart.

He's an excellent tipper, though.

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