July 11, 2015

J.D. Walker on Let the Music Say I Do

For the men in the Wedding Bell Blues series, the road to "I do" is paved with tight pants, egos, and misunderstandings -- no matter the season. It's all about finding love, with music as the backdrop -- and maybe some clashing symbols...and sex behind the speakers.

Can ex-band mates learn to trust each other again? Or a rock star become more than a playboy to win his former love? Maybe the dancer and the keyboard player can move beyond lust to something lasting, and a famous singer can heal the broken heart of the man he loves.

The journey to the altar in these four stories will leave you dancing to the beat of your own song, forever.

Fall: In Let The Music Say I Do, Jared Page and Joey Seever are ex-lovers and band mates, both hurting and unable to trust each other. A car accident turns the tide and the men see each other in a new light.

Winter: Dorian Seacrest, in The Beat of His Drum has to work through the heartache caused by Laramie Treble, leader and drummer of Caesar's Flame. Laramie wants to stake his claim, and Dorian fights him every step of the way. Insomnia serves as a wakeup call.

Spring: While keyboardist Grady Tremone helps his mom prepare for a show in Keys to His Heart he runs into Tim Hugo, and feels instant lust. Tim, though he's attracted to Grady, wants much more than that. Enduring blue balls makes it all worthwhile ... sort of.

Summer: Evan Harper is in love with Chuck Whistler. But he finds it hard to give anyone his heart, owing to a betrayal that took place many years ago. In Let The Song Last Forever Evan has to learn that not everyone is out to hurt him. A punch in the face makes it all better. Maybe.

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