July 20, 2015

Heat Wave: Salem by Maya Anders

Heat Wave: Salem by Maya Anders is now available in e-book format!

The long, hot days of August have always been the newspapers' silly season, and cub reporter Tara Trent gets the silliest assignments of all. This year it’s a festival of Spiritual Enlightenment in the ancient witch-town of Salem, Massachusetts.

There's a twist, though. Anonymous text messages suggest a modern day witch-hunter is on the loose -- a crackpot determined to see the witches of Salem burn in hell. Tara isn't sure if it's a hoax or for real, but one thing's for certain: things are heating up in Salem.

Her day gets even hotter when she meets Abigail Powers, a petite, hard-bodied FBI agent working on the same case. The two instantly fall for each other, enjoying a long lesson in erotic massage before turning to the burning question: Is the mad witch-hunter of Salem just a jerk who sends out misogynistic text messages, or a potential woman-killer?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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