July 25, 2015

Paul Alan Fahey on the Lovers and Liars Series

When I wrote Bomber's Moon, the first book in the Lovers and Liars gay historical romance series, I had no idea I'd be writing a series. But like most writers, I fell in love with my cast of characters and couldn't let them go. So the rest is history. Literally.

The six novellas of Lovers and Liars form a complete story arc from Bomber's Moon to Kindred Spirit, the final episode in the series to be released by JMS Books on August 30.

Here's a quick look at the story arc listing the books of Lovers and Liars in order:

  1. Bomber's Moon
  2. Weep Not for the Past
  3. A Manx Tale
  4. A Christmas in Kent
  5. A Deadly Game of Malice
  6. Kindred Spirit
Kindred Spirit picks up the storyline two years later after the events in A Deadly Game of Malice.

Here's a short summary of Kindred Spirit
  • A 25-year-old murder
  • A city under siege from German flying bombs
  • A gay couple searching for justice
In the summer of 1944, Leslie Atwater -- feeling abandoned by his lover Edward -- rushes up to London to enlist in military service. After failing the physical, he retreats to the sanctuary of St. Michael's rectory and to the love and support of his brother Robert.

When a bomb explodes near St. Andrew's Home for Boys, it unearths a skeleton of an adolescent. As Leslie, Edward, and Robert set about identifying the remains, the shocking discovery stirs up an old antagonism between the two brothers and brings to light a string of repressed memories for Leslie. With the truth obscured by the passage of years, it rests on Leslie and Edward to sift through the lies and subterfuge to track down the coldhearted killer of a kindred spirit.

Hopefully this little tidbit will pique your interest. In Kindred Spirit, I did my best to tie up the supplementary stories and bring the series to a satisfying end. Hope you'll agree.

Here's another bit of good news: If you haven't read the last two installments yet, A Deadly Game of Malice and Kindred Spirit are scheduled for a paperback release August 31 under the title, Lovers and Liars Book 2.

I hope you'll enjoy the Lovers and Liars series as much as I did writing it.

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