September 4, 2013

To Protect the Heir by H. Lewis-Foster

To Protect the Heir by H. Lewis-Foster is now available in e-book format!

In 16th Century Scotland, the clans are in a state of relative peace, but the younger sons of the Strathyre clan are still expected to serve two years of military service. Mackie isn't a keen soldier, but his duties have been made more bearable by highly pleasurable encounters with fellow conscripts, particularly the muscle-bound cavalryman, Stirling. With their green kilts hoisted round their hips, the men find ways of staying warm in the inhospitable Scottish climate.

Mackie’s least favorite task is lookout duty in the woods outside the chieftain's castle, where he's unexpectedly forced into action when he spies an intruder among the trees. He’s never seen real combat before and, as a result of the incident, is assigned to accompany the chieftain's eldest son Alexander to his uncle's castle in Braelen. Alexander is an amicable young man, who treats Mackie and his colleagues with respect, and is also extremely attractive.

The trip should be short and uneventful, but when disaster strikes, Mackie’s strength and bravery are put to the test. But soon he finds himself in an even more risky situation, as it becomes clear Alexander wants more from him than simply protection. Mackie knows he’ll get into trouble if he succumbs, but he also feels sympathy for Alexander, whose sexual freedom has been curtailed by the need to provide an heir to the clan. As they continue towards Braelen, Mackie tries to maintain the proper distance between a soldier and his master, but as the pair are confronted with danger, will the temptation of the chieftain’s son become too much to bear?

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