September 16, 2013

Garden Reach by Paul Alan Fahey

Garden Reach by Paul Alan Fahey is now available in e-book format!

Are second chances possible? Evelyn Richards thinks so. After the death of her husband, she travels to a remote spot on the Pacific coast. There, on a windswept bluff above a rugged, rocky shore, she moves into a luxurious suite in a renovated Victorian home. Evelyn immediately falls in love with the remote and wild setting, as well as with the renovated home, Garden Reach, which she shares with three other women in circumstances similar to hers.

Evelyn is especially drawn to the owner, Lilah Sarkees, an exotic and attractive woman who owns the mansion and acts as hostess for the residents. But two months after settling in, Evelyn is beginning to have doubts about her ability to adjust to these new surroundings.

What is it that makes her so uneasy? Why is Garden Reach -- initially so full of hope and promise -- now a place of danger that could threaten her very existence? Will she survive, or will Garden Reach claim another victim?

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