September 24, 2013

The King's Secret by Wayne Mansfield

The King's Secret by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

For years Pan has been living happily with King Seronisis at his palace. Yet nothing can compare with the happiness Pan experiences whenever he is able to visit his parents and sisters on their farm by the Great Forest.Being the king’s lover and most trusted confidante is a dangerous thing to be.

When Pan returns to the palace after a month-long visit with his family, he stops along the way to bathe in a small lake not far from the palace. But during his swim, his escorts disappear and Pan is abducted.

Terrified, all Pan can think of is what his beloved King Seronisis will think when he doesn’t arrive home on time. He's taken across the desert to a cave where his captor lives in exile. When he discovers the reason for his abduction, he wonders how he can warn Seronisis of the forthcoming threat his abductor poses to the monarch. But how can he escape? And will he ever see his lover, King Seronisis, again?

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  1. I loved "The King's Prize" and "The King's Justice" so I'm sure this third part will be just as good. Pan is such a sweetie.