December 25, 2013

Holy Xavier by Jacob Campbell

Holy Xavier by Jacob Campbell is now available in e-book format!

Every Christmas, my partner Rusty goes home to his family. Without me. It’s a lonely time, but I vow to remain faithful. One fateful evening, however, changes everything.

I meet a young man in a chapel where he’s playing the pipe organ. The attraction between us is immediate, and I go home with him. It’s his roommate, Xavier, who captures my attention above all others. Our affair continues for years, but when Xavier graduates from college, he disappears.

Torn, I try to seek him out. When I find him, we rekindle the affair online. All is not well, however, and Xavier once again disappears. It changes not only my life, but my partner Rusty’s as well. But my infidelity isn’t the only problem in my relationship with Rusty. Now we’re forced to face our pasts and decide what to do about our futures.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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