December 1, 2013

Bad Secret Santa by Francis Gideon

Bad Secret Santa by Francis Gideon is now available in e-book format!

Greg does not want to go to another Christmas party. His job as the social media guy at a publishing house means he’s been hearing about Christmas since the summer and he’s lost all interest. But when Ray, his best friend from college, entices him into one last party before holiday break, Greg finds himself saying yes -- and is strapped with finding a last minute gift for a woman he hardly knows in a Secret Santa exchange.

Inside the crowded mall, Greg meets a sexy guy in tight pants. Later that evening, Greg is visiting Ray and his girlfriend when the same hot guy from the mall arrives. His name is Jason, he’s friends with Ray’s girlfriend, and he’s Greg’s Secret Santa. Unfortunately, he is rather bad at his task, since the gift he wants to give Greg is just as much for himself, as well.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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