December 15, 2013

Away for the Holidays by Elliot Arthur Cross

Away for the Holidays by Elliot Arthur Cross is now available in e-book format!

Shane Sanderson’s first college semester is winding down, and he’s starting to regret ever going to a school halfway across the country. Since he can’t afford a plane ticket home for Christmas, he dreads staying cooped up in his dorm room over the holiday break, knowing his parents and siblings will be together without him.

Corey Williams, another freshman, couldn’t be any more different than Shane. There’s no large family waiting to hear from him, only postcards from his last foster family. He plans on making the best of any situation, but a hard life has taught him to expect people will let him down.

Shane meets Corey through his roommate in an embarrassing, naked moment, and the two are instantly attracted to each other. But Shane deals poorly with various dramas and the constant pressure of the lonely holidays approaching, and he finds himself snapping at Corey, potentially ruining their burgeoning friendship.

While helping a friend, Shane learns about the myth of the Krampus, an ancient horned monster who teaches snotty children the meaning of Christmas. But it will take more than a myth for Shane to accept missing his family. Will the homesick freshman learn his lesson in time to salvage a relationship with Corey, or will he forever feel like he’s away for the holidays?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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