October 14, 2013

The Calming Ones by Joshua Skye

The Calming Ones by Joshua Skye is now available in e-book format!

Brandy is new in town. With no friends or close family, she feels lonely and vulnerable in the big city. Unaccompanied, she goes to a clinic for a well woman’s exam and finds herself in the middle of a battleground between philosophical opponents.

Violent protests set the world ablaze -- the clinic is on fire and bombs explode all around her. She is brutally attacked by a deliriously infuriated ideologue, during which she glimpses figures calmly walking through the smoke and the chaos, figures reaching out and touching those around them.

Saved from the pandemonium by a man she doesn't know, Brandy wakes in the hospital and comes face to face with her savior. Why did he rescue her? Brandy isn't sure she wants to find out ...

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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