October 2, 2013

Maybe I'll Tell You A Bedtime Story by Claudine Lanthenay

Maybe I'll Tell You A Bedtime Story by Claudine Lanthenay is now available in e-book format!

Toni has been in a relationship with Sonia for almost two years now, but she's kept one thing secret -- her love of erotic stories. One day Sonia comes home to find Toni in bed, enjoying a good read. After teasing Toni about this hidden habit, Sonia decides to come up with a story of her own to tell Toni.

When she gets home later that night, despite Toni's shyness, Sonia begins to tell Toni a dark story while the two of them lie in bed together. As the story continues, reality and fiction become confused for Toni. Soon she's no longer sure if she's laying in bed with her lover or walking through the woods with a strange woman who is leading her toward an isolated cabin where three others wait for them. By the time she's tied up to a chair, it no longer matters -- Toni is completely overcome by these four people who are making the fantasy feel all too real.

NOTE: Contains scenes depicting menage (FFF) sex.

Read an excerpt or buy a copy today!

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