October 20, 2013

A.K.A. Charming by Brittany Fonte

A.K.A. Charming by Brittany Fonte is now available in e-book format!

Enid Prinz is not exactly Prince Charming. To start, she’s female; to end, she’s a mismatched college professor of the uber-nerdy variety. Her wife, Kathy, is not a typical princess, either. In fact, Kathy-who-used-to-be-Katharine is a too-assertive marketing executive with a huge secret.

Seventeen years into their happily ever after, Enid and Kathy’s relationship is forever changed by a home invasion, a dying philanderer, an unexpected litter of kittens, and an abandoned and swaddled heir.

Enid begins her appeal to the fairy godmothers above with an anniversary dinner and a diamond ring. When Kathy misses this dinner without explanation and a mysterious burglar defiles the evening further, Enid questions the magic of her relationship. This spell broken, Enid finds herself wondering if her heart could use a new home -- with her co-worker, Dr. Sam Kreuger.

Then Enid learns that her own father has been hiding another life, perhaps another family, and this spurs him to the unthinkable: suicide. Enid must then make a choice of her own: Kathy or Sam.

Can Enid recreate her personal fairytale, or will she choose to close the book forever without finding her happy-ever-after ending?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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