March 6, 2013

The Lone Wolf by K.C. Grim

The Lone Wolf by K.C. Grim is now available in e-book format!

Bryson Gilroy never wanted to be a lone wolf, unmated, but coming out to his pack isn't an option. Alpha males and homosexuals just don’t mix. Even if his father is the current pack master and his twin brother will one day succeed as leader, it's still better to keep some things secret.

With each passing full moon, the werewolf inside Bryson becomes harder and harder to tame. If the beast gets free, it'll be impossible to pen back in. Control is an illusion and Bryson knows once he loses it, nothing will ever be the same.

The call of the moon is powerful, but Bryson need relief. A dark, secretive bar called the Iron Side is a place where anything goes, a place for anonymous satisfaction for men by men. Bryson’s plan is simple -- get in, get laid, and get out, but the plan changed once he saw the man of his dreams. He is, in a word, beautiful. Bryson never wanted someone so much.

Can Bryson have a one-night-stand with this handsome stranger and just walk away? Will he be able to to his life as a lone wolf knowing this man was still out there?

Read an excerpt or buy a copy today!

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