March 5, 2013

Out of Light and Into the Night by Wayne Mansfield

Out of Light and Into the Night by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

Karl and Daniel are driving back to their small farm after celebrating Daniel’s birthday when they strike something in the road. Whatever it is lands on the roof of their pick-up truck. Not keen to find out what it might be, Karl floors the accelerator as Daniel leans out of the window. Despite the light from a full moon, nothing is seen on the road behind them.

When they arrive home, their relief is short-lived. As Karl turns into their driveway, Daniel disappears out the window of the truck.

Karl hurries after his lover, and manages to catch sight of a dark shape flying through the night sky. Dangling beneath it is his beloved Daniel. Before he can call for help, he's knocked off his feet. A minute later, he finds himself int he air, too, held securely in the grip of a nightmarish beast.

The best Karl can hope is both he and Daniel will survive the night, but that might be easier said than done.

Read an excerpt or buy a copy today!

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