March 24, 2013

After by Chuck Willman

After by Chuck Willman is now available in e-book format!

Chris and Gave have been together for nearly twenty-five years, and have enjoyed a very active life until Chris becomes too ill with AIDS to continue the lifestyle to which they had grown accustomed. Chris now requires home visits from a nurse. Gabe, a handsome counselor at the local HIV/AIDS clinic, has arranged for one of the new nurses, Trevor, to be Chris’s primary caregiver. Trevor is a hunky, Nebraska-born, ex-farm boy with a heart of gold.

Chris doesn’t want to die without knowing Gabe will go on with his life, which includes loving another man. That becomes Chris’s goal: to find a new lover for Gabe. But the plan becomes more imperative when Chris lands in the hospital and everything starts to go awry.

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