November 28, 2012

Wayne Mansfield on When In Rome

Guest post by Wayne Mansfield ...

Hi everyone. This is my first blog for JMS Books and it’s well overdue. You may or may not have noticed that I have a new story out. It’s called When In Rome and it’s an erotic science fiction/fantasy.

I have often fantasized about what it would be like to have been alive in ancient Rome. I have a huge interest in ancient cultures, and suspect I would have felt right at home in the sexually open times of old Rome. Sex and nudity was considered a normal part of day to day life, spoken about openly and even represented in household murals and decorative objets d’art. There wasn’t all the ridiculous hoopla about it that there is today. I also think that if I’d been captured by a legion of Roman soldiers, or even by the notorious slave traders, I would much rather have been the sex toy of some hot aristocratic Roman lord than have been put to work in the quarries.

So please enjoy my new story. It’s short but erotically sweet. A sexy bit of escapism for your reading pleasure.

Wayne Mansfield

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