November 11, 2012

Meet H. Lewis-Foster!

It’s a real thrill to have my third e-book Counting Parakeets published by JMS Books. The story follows the first steps of an unlikely romance between sleep-starved doctor, Pete, and easygoing performance artiste, Andy.

Pete and Andy are lovely characters, and I’m sure Andy’s gorgeous physique would send anyone’s heart aflutter. But the real star of the story is Ollie the parakeet, who ‘s as good a matchmaker as any single man could wish to meet.

Counting Parakeets is a really fun story, that will put a smile on the face of anyone who’s ever had trouble sleeping—or who dreams of finding love when they’re least expecting it. It’s also quite a contrast to my previous story ‘Secret of the Code’, which is set in an English university library.

I’ve enjoyed working in libraries for over a decade now, and have always found them exciting places to work—far from the silent, somber places portrayed in films and books. And while I’m not aware of any naughty goings-on between the bookshelves, there are certainly plenty of hidden corners, where anything might happen!

Secret of the Code is a very romantic story, but I must admit, I did enjoy writing the sex scenes, which are rather more graphic than in my other stories. But what made these scenes really satisfying was the relationships—both good and bad—between the characters. They all have their strengths and insecurities, and I hope that readers will like them just as much as I do—although they might have to try a little harder to like the charming Professor Burnell!

It’s an amazing feeling to have people reading my work, and I’m busy working on new stories at the moment. If you’d like to keep up to date with my publications, please feel free to like my Facebook page, which I’ll be adding to soon:

All the best, and happy reading!
H. Lewis-Foster

Read an excerpt of Counting Parakeets or buy a copy today!

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