November 25, 2012

David Stroup on The Engines of Dusk trilogy

Guest post by David Stroup ...

The publication of Engines of Dusk Book 3: The Darwinian Sum marks a big milestone for me.

Although this completes my series The Engines of Dusk, this was actually my first novel -- my previous work were all short stories. I originally wrote The Engines of Dusk as a single rather unwieldy volume; the excellent folk at JMS Books have helped me turn it into a more manageable trilogy.

This was my “everything and the kitchen sink” novel, my attempt to throw everything I enjoy into one book. Aliens! Dinosaurs! Murder mysteries! It’s been rewarding to see a largely positive response.

Publication also comes at a rather chaotic time for me. After a long career in journalism (two decades) and copywriting, I’m back in school, working to become a science teacher. That’s made it hard to keep on track with my writing, though I’m maintaining a discipline of working a little every day. It’s also given me plenty of experience and material for my next work.

Visit my blog (below), where I’ll be posting updates and excerpts for my works in progress and updates on giveaways and any promotional events.

David Stroup

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