June 24, 2011

Out of Joint by Belea T. Keeney

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Out of Joint
by Belea T. Keeney

Mitchell Tanner, an ex-convict struggling to get his life back on track hasn't faced his family in year. Not since his conviction, not since his move to Indiana, not since moving in with his half-sister. When he attends an uncles' funeral in Tampa, old hurts come back to slap him in the face. Take a journey to a tropical paradise ... where sometimes paradise is just an illusion.

This story was a finalist for the 2010 Florida Review's Editor Choice Award and an Honorable Mention at the 2007 Writers in Paradise competition. It appears in the author's print collection, Out of Joint and Other Stories.

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  1. I think I missed the deadline, but that's ok commenting is about encouragement!
    This particular story looks very interesting and I'll definitely have to put it on my 'to read' list. I don't think I've read alot by this author yet and I really like stories about redemption. =)