June 24, 2011

Lunch Break by J.M. Snyder

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Lunch Break
by J.M. Snyder

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Nick works as a stock boy at a local grocery store. He doesn't mind the work -- it's a way to help pay for college. Still, there are some days when he hates his job ... like when he's trying to flirt with a sexy young businessman named Kevin, and other customers keep interrupting.

When Kevin returns to the store just to see him, Nick once again finds himself in an embarrassing situation -- this time, cleaning up broken pickle jars on aisle three. But something about him interests Kevin, for whatever reason, and their second encounter leads to a lunch date, and the promise of so much more.

Read an excerpt or buy your copy today!

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  1. I want this story! I'm a huge fan of JMS. I've read a bunch of your works from when it was still on Touquere and I was so happy when I recently stumbled upon this site. I've read alot of your works lately and found some new authors of interest too. My post is more about encouragement than any hope of winning anything, which if fine because I get paid soon, whoo.
    Question, have you ever thought of doing a collab with any of the other authors? Hrrmmm? Well, either way I'll still love you. <3


    Thanks for commenting! E-mail me at jms@jmsnyder.net for a free copy of either this story or Out of Joint.

    To answer your question, I haven't thought of doing a collaborative story with another author, though I am considering a multi-author anthology. We'll see how that works out!

    Thanks for reading!

    J.M. Snyder